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If you are looking for fun social events, new adventures or are new in town and are looking to form new relationships through socials with the great people on Meetup, you have found the right group!!!! We are a group of active professionals seeking adventures beyond the daily grind, building new friendships through social networking, and/or looking to meet that special someone along the way. First and foremost though, our focus is building a circle of friends and making connections!

If you are new to LA or have been here your whole life and your social circle diminished over time, this is the place to expand your social circle again. We have fun activities and social events that make making friends as easy as 1-2-3! :)

Of course, if you are single and are looking to find that special someone, what better way is there than through fun activities where you can learn about each other without the pressure of the uncomfortable first date? Our events are low pressure and low stress. It's like hanging out with old friends.

Now, what else should you know about this group? If you are adventurous and love the outdoors, you are in luck. We absolutely love hiking and camping in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. No worries though if you are more into the cultural events and museums that Los Angeles has to offer. We enjoy broadening our minds with arts and culture. LA is one of the most dynamic cities with more cultural diversity than most. We will explore LA and all its glory!

What if you enjoy the occasional socializing over a drink at a bar or relaxing by a bonfire at the beach? We have those too. For those that enjoy a good party here and there. So do we. We like theme parties such as masquerade party, mustache and wig party, and nerd and geek party. We also have fun celebrations like Halloween and New Year Eve Bash. Oh, let's not forget, we love wine and cheese and delicious and unique beers. We have events to cover all grounds including Game Night (Cards Against Humanity, Jenga, Uno or Exploding Kittens anyone??)

Ultimately, our main focus is connections! We are a group of fun professionals that continue to expand our minds through relationships, events and life experiences! JOIN US!

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Game Night Social - Icebreakers, Cards Against Humanity, Jenga and more!

Senator Jones


Ready to mix and mingle and feel "normal" again? We are ready to have fun again! Join all the fun people and play some games like Cards Against Humanity, Jenga, Uno, Exploding Kittens, Never Have I Ever & more. Prior to sitting down, we will have some ice breaker game to get the conversation flowing! COME and RECONNECT!

We start the evening with the ice breaker game where you are standing and mixing with others. This allows you to figure out the group of new friends you would like to challenge for the first game! Once seated, feel free to rotate through the various tables and meet new friends and play different games.

We are hosting this event at Santa Monica's posh nightlife venue - Senator Jones on Wilshire! This venue is beautifully decorated and with lots of space for a few hundred guests! In addition, you are welcome to stay after the event when they open their doors to the public. Join us for a night of fun making new friends!

Coming by yourself? Most people do! Don't worry, in no time you will be making a bunch of new friends because everyone there will be from Meetup! :) We have the entire venue to ourselves for Game Night!

Event Agenda

8:00 pm to 8:45 pm - Social hour. Grab a drink, meet and greet your new friends.

8:45 pm to 10:00 pm - Enjoy the games and the drink specials while losing... I mean, winning! At 9:45 we will start putting the games away because at 10:00 pm Senator Jones will open to the public. You are free to hang out all night and enjoy the DJ! :)

Note: It will not be advantageous to arrive late. Guests that show up on time normally end up meeting everyone and have the most fun. Come on time at 8:00 pm. :)

Cost: $10 cash at the entrance. We have the entire venue for Game Night so everyone will be there from Meetup!

Dress Code: Upscale casual.

Parking: There is plenty of parking in the area. Just be sure to read the street signs.

Taking the Metro? Senator Jones is less than a mile from the 17th/SMC Station off the Expo Line.

This Meetup event is crossed-posted on many, many meetup groups. Expect a great turnout!! :)

Friendship Circle Social Mixer - DTLA!

The Continental Club


2022 is almost here! It is time to meet, connect and make new friends. It would be great to have friends to travel, eat and just walk around the neighborhood with! Come out, exchange some numbers and let's socialize and feel normal again!

The evening will consists of two ice breaker games. These games will help everyone strike up fun conversation while allowing those with more competitive nature to win a game or two. Please come on time to really get the conversations going. Often time, those that come later thinks everyone knows each other; that is not the case, everyone already warmed up and the conversation are flowing! Be the first and take advantage of meeting everyone! Join us!

We are hosting this event at the exquisite and trendy The Continental Club in Downtown L.A. Come and check out an exotic location while meeting new friends!

Coming by yourself? Most people do! In no time you will be make a bunch of new friends. We will have the entire venue to ourselves for the duration of our event; it will be the perfect place to mix and mingle!

Note: It will be advantageous to arrive right at 8PM. Guests that show up on time normally end up meeting everyone and have the most fun. We will see you this Saturday. Join us!

Cost: Entrance is $10 cash.

Dress Code: Stylish attire.

Parking: There is a lot of parking around The Continental between $5-$15. If you park a few blocks away, on Broadway, etc, there may be free street parking; please read the signs for restrictions.

Taking the Metro? Get off at Pershing Square.

This Meetup event is crossed-posted on many, many meetup groups. Expect a great turnout!! :)

Ski/Snowboard Big Sky Resort - Ikon Pass Resort!

Big Sky


Big Sky - Montana's Ikon Pass resort! In 2020 we went and fell in love! Known as the “Biggest Skiing in America,” Big Sky flaunts an unfathomable 5,800 skiable acres to complement an equally impressive 4,350 feet of vert and even a six-mile-long run. The mountain is seldom crowded, with terrain choices for all levels and a laid-back vibe you’ll only find in Montana.

So, if your schedule and budget allows, join us for this trip! :) We are staying at a condo that is nestled slopeside to the village!

We have the condos 5 nights from 2/1 - 2/6.

The cost is $495 per person. The funds we put together is for the lodging, some breakfast items, snacks around the house and a few dinners and other goodies.

Please budget for flight to Big Sky, shuttle ride from Bozeman, lunches, dinner, and miscellaneous stuff (T-shirt, anyone?).

Bring your Ikon Pass - This is an Ikon Pass resort.

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Single Mingle Mixer - Come Meet Many Many New Friends! :)

The Room Santa Monica


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