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If you are looking for fun social events, new adventures or are new in town and are looking to form new relationships through socials with the great people on Meetup, you have found the right group!!!! We are a group of active professionals seeking adventures beyond the daily grind, building new friendships through social networking, and/or looking to meet that special someone along the way. First and foremost though, our focus is building a circle of friends and making connections!

If you are new to LA or have been here your whole life and your social circle diminished over time, this is the place to expand your social circle again. We have fun activities and social events that make making friends as easy as 1-2-3! :)

Of course, if you are single and are looking to find that special someone, what better way is there than through fun activities where you can learn about each other without the pressure of the uncomfortable first date? Our events are low pressure and low stress. It's like hanging out with old friends.

Now, what else should you know about this group? If you are adventurous and love the outdoors, you are in luck. We absolutely love hiking and camping in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. No worries though if you are more into the cultural events and museums that Los Angeles has to offer. We enjoy broadening our minds with arts and culture. LA is one of the most dynamic cities with more cultural diversity than most. We will explore LA and all its glory!

What if you enjoy the occasional socializing over a drink at a bar or relaxing by a bonfire at the beach? We have those too. For those that enjoy a good party here and there. So do we. We like theme parties such as masquerade party, mustache and wig party, and nerd and geek party. We also have fun celebrations like Halloween and New Year Eve Bash. Oh, let's not forget, we love wine and cheese and delicious and unique beers. We have events to cover all grounds including Game Night (Cards Against Humanity, Jenga, Uno or Exploding Kittens anyone??)

Ultimately, our main focus is connections! We are a group of fun professionals that continue to expand our minds through relationships, events and life experiences! JOIN US!

Upcoming events (5+)

Los Angeles Networking Event with Mix Professionals and Rocking It Now

Mix Professionals and Rocking It Now invites you to network with other professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives on Thursday, September 19 at The Association DTLA. Please also join our Linkedin group to stay connected - https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13737874/ Hosted by Meetup Organizer Anna who is known for her social networking events, enjoy introductions and conversations in a relaxing environment ideal for new connections and enjoy the evening with like-minded professionals. This is a great opportunity to get out of your office or your home and meet new people who are looking to exchange ideas, make connections, explore partnerships, find employees, get to know you, or to see how others are welcoming the weekend. If you are new to networking and unsure what to do, stop by and say hello to Anna and she can introduce you to others in the room! For the networking gurus, we are sure you already have your elevator speech prepped! Mix Professionals (www.MixProfessionals.com) is hosting this event with the Co-Sponsor, "Rocking It Now." If you are looking for professional growth, develop your managerial skills, launch new business ventures or travel with other like-minded professionals, you will find your answers with "Rocking It Now." Please take a look at www.RockingitNow.com for more information. Sue and Anna are both professionals with great experiences under their belt. Please feel free to speak with them! The event is $10 Cash at the door. Join us and meet other professionals!!!

Ensenada Cruise.... or just a Relaxing Weekend

Carnival Inspiration

Hey Folks. Let's do another fun Ensenada cruise together. Last year, we had a great time at Ensenada touring the town while doing some Tequlia tasting. On the cruise, we took fun formal dining photos, watched Broadway shows, and ate a ton of food. It was a fun and relaxing weekend for sure! What's cool about cruising? We get to eat all we want (almost). There is food 24-7 (goat cheese pizza at 5AM is my favorite). Then there is the fun ppl to hang out with and cool water slide to ride down. There is also the formal night with formal photos. We can wear our Sunday best and pretend it is high school prom! (ha) So, one of the minor cons about cruising? They make money off you drinking. Everyone is allowed to bring a bottle of wine and 12 aluminum cans of soda or juice. Other than that? They want you to buy drinks on board. There is the all-you-can-drink plan for $55 a day (really 15 drinks but it's worth it!). I normally just buy a bottle of vodka ($80-$105) and some mixers for my room and that's what Derald and I drink. Now, here is a little breakdown of the cruise: Friday: September 20th. Get on the cruise between 12pm to 4pm. The earlier the better. We can eat lunch and hang out by the pool! Of course, settle into our room too. Then, there is the night club at night, piano bar, sports bar, casino, Broadway show, midnight dirty comedy, and lots of fun stuff. We can hot tub in the evening or hand out at the swimming pool. Saturday: September 21st. Fun Day at Sea. You can book a massage, hit up the gym, sun bath, sleep in, casino, eat lots of food, relax by the pool, read a book.... and all kind of stuff. This evening is also FORMAL NIGHT. Get dressed up and let's take them cool formal photos together!!! :) Then, the evening of fun can repeat itself! :) Sunday: September 22nd. Port of Call: Ensenada. Normally, when it's just Deanna, Derald and I, we eat at our favor restaurant in town - Mariscos de Bahia. (Nowadays, we are adding in the visiting the local zoo). But, with all you party people, maybe we can sign up for a tour to their wine country. Upon our return to Ensenada, hit up papas-n-beer before walking SOBER back to the boat... The night will repeat itself. We will go check out photos tonight to see if we want to buy any!!! :) Monday: September 23rd. Debarkation. The process will start around 7AM. With your own carry on, you can walk off around 7am. If you "checked-out" your bag the night before, you will depart as they call your floor. If you stay on ship a little longer, you can enjoy breakfast, etc. BY 8-9am, they want everyone out of the room. Alright, I am not sure if the cruise sounds fun with my description. Cruising is one of my favorite ways to vacation. Join me if you can!!! To reserve your spot, please call Kate or Anna Budevska (that's not me) at Internet Tours, Inc. Please call her at (310)[masked]. Last year, we had quite some folks seeing this trip the week of the trip but the cruise was full by then. Please call now and secure you spot! Let me know if you have any questions!!! I will also provide more info to those going. Note #1: Need help with roommates? Let me know! Note #2: Only one electrical outlet per room. Bring either power strip per room or a split device charger. Note #3: Bring bathing suits and formal attire! :)

Make New Friends - Private Meetup Mixer & then DANCE PARTY!

Are you looking to meet some new friends and then check out a cool nightclub and maybe even dance? This is the event to be! Join us for a night of fun meeting new friends. Everyone is from Meetup and ready to mingle. Most people come by themselves so you will not be alone! I know it can be super nerve wrecking to come by yourself but, as long you are friendly and easy going, you will make some friends by the end of the event. We have a private Meetup-only Mixer at the club before it opens to the public. That way everyone from Meetup can meet each other. And when the club opens to the public, you and your new friends can enjoy the rest of the night. The Meetup-only Mixer starts at 8. Following the mixer, we get to stay in the club and dance the night away. The nightclub opens to the public at 10PM (after our private event). You are welcome to stay with your new friends! Did you know Exchange LA is the original Los Angeles Stock Exchange many decades ago?! :) You also get to experience some of the most awesome EDM DJs in the world at Exchange LA (check out www.ExchangeLA.com). In case you didn't know, Exchange LA is ranked #40 club in the world (yes, in the world)! Join us to welcome our new members along with meet other fun members! Our event will be held in a private room of Exchange LA with just the Meetup folks. When you arrive we will be at the door to greet you! Since you joined the meetup event you don't have to pay the club cover nor wait in line (which can get looooong! ExchangeLA has some of the best lights and sound systems in the world. Walk around. Enjoy the vibe. Of course, it wouldn't hurt to dance the night away either in our room downstairs or in the main club floor with your new friends! Either way, it's amazing! Join me and other fun peeps at Exchange LA for a great evening. The cost is $10 cash at the door. Please arrive by 9:30PM. If you don't arrive by 9:30PM, you'll miss the meetup and will have to wait outside until after 10pm for the club to open. You will also have to pay at least $20 admission if you arrive after 9:30. Agenda: 8:00 PM to 8:15PM Check-in, grab a drink, say hello to people around you. :) 8:15 PM to 10:00PM - Ice Breaker Game 10:00PM to to 3:00AM - Stick around and mingle or dance the night away at one of the hottest night clubs in Los Angeles! Parking: You can find parking in the area; you will have to pay a small fee for the parking. I normally park a couple of blocks away for $7. Dress code: No sandals or flip-flops, no shorts or baggy jeans, no plain white t-shirts or tanks and no sleeveless shirts. No hooded sweatshirts or jerseys. No baseballs hats or beanies. Jeans and tennis shoes are OK. If you would like to have table service or possible get on the guest list the weekends we do not have events, or book table service, please reach our very own promoter, Terry (http://www.meetup.com/members/42279002/). :) Taking the Metro? Exit at Pershing Square and walk over! Expect a big turnout. This Meetup event is crossed-posted on a bunch of meetup groups with Mix Professionals being the main meetup. Expect a great turnout!! :)

Game Night! New Friends - Cards Against Humanity, Jenga, Taboo & much more!

What are you doing Saturday night? Why not come out and join a bunch of fun people and play some games like Cards Against Humanity, Jenga, Uno, Exploding Kittens, Never Have I Ever & more. It's a GREAT way to make new friends! Join us for another fun night of game night and kick some butts.... I mean, meet some new friends.... (hehe). Join us for this fun event and meet new friends at a beautiful venue. We start the evening with a game you can play standing up while meeting everyone. This allows you to figure out the group of new friends you would like to challenge for the first game! Once seated, feel free to rotate through the various tables and meet new friends and play different games. Also, enjoy the $10 drink specials - did someone say Old Fashion, Moscow Mule, The Perfect Manhattan? YUM! We are hosting this event at the exquisite and trendy The Continental Club in downtown L.A. Come and check out an exotic location while meeting new friends! Coming by yourself? Most people do! Don't worry, in no time you will be making a bunch of new friends because everyone there will be from Meetup! :) We have the entire venue to ourselves for Game Night! Event Agenda 7:30 pm to 8:15 pm - Social hour. Grab a drink, meet and greet your new friends. 8:15 pm to 9:30 pm - Enjoy the games and the drink specials while losing... I mean, winning! At 9:30 pm The Continental will open to the public. At this time we will put the games away, but you are free to hang out all night and enjoy the DJ! :) Note: It will not be advantageous to arrive late. Guests that show up on time normally end up meeting everyone and have the most fun. Come on time at 7:30 pm. :) Cost: Entrance is $10 cash. Dress Code: Stylish attire. Parking: There is a lot of parking around The Continental between $5-$10. If you park a few blocks away, on Broadway, etc, there may be free street parking; please read the signs for restrictions. This Meetup event is crossed-posted on many, many meetup groups. Expect a great turnout!! :)

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