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Updates for CAMPING. AND Newbie/First Timer/Seasoned Question and Answer

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Oddie and Anna B.
Updates for CAMPING. AND Newbie/First Timer/Seasoned Question and Answer


This Zoom Local Events/Beginner Camping Q & A is a monthly event.

Video Link: No software or download needed. Just open in a browser.

Kelso Dunes March 1

We have some fun and social Local Camping events ahead. And Epic Adventure leads to Copious Questions.

To solve that . . . Let's Talk! Join us for a Q & A Zoom where you can ask all your Q's and get all your A's.


6:00 to 7:30pm PST is Q & A about or Overseas Events.
Such as Machu Picchu, Everest Base Camp or Meetup On The Orient Express

7:30 to 9pm PST Is about Local Events, Local Trips, and Camping stuff. Newbie Q's. Gear. Food. Etc and Camping Trips. Including Q & A and about specific local trips/events.

Click Here for The Overseas Companion event Zoom

To join the zoom FILL OUT THIS GOOGLE FORM and/or RSVP to this event. We will email direct on the day of to remind you.

What to talk about? On the group we have a TON of good camping spanning the year.
Most all of them are PERFECT for First Timers.
AND first timers (and others) have questions.
and more!

Our events are all very safe, civilized, curated, and organized. We often use private sites in private property. They have better amenities. Such as Grass Sites, Flush Restrooms, Free Hot Showers, Pool, Cafe or other cool and neat added bonuses.

Of course not all the sites have all these items.

Find out what you may need to bring (spoiler alert: Most is household stuff you already have).

*ASL interpret is available
*Hablamos Español, y other languages
*Certified Wilderness First Responder
*Certified Wilderness First Aid
*Certified CPR/AED
*Certified epinephrine auto-injector
*Covid-Safe events

We create and promote a safe and fun environment for all.

Adventures that are safe and fun at quality private site with amenities. We welcome all, and that includes you!

In addition we also have some informational pages you may want to look at and review.

We believe in good decent social. We have a set of sister group we post our local free, local/regional camping, and our overseas events to.

NOTE: We do not discriminate by age, gender, gender preference, ethnicity, race, color, national origin, disability or family status.


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! More to Explore ! Journeys/Adventure/Travel Near & Far !
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