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What's better than seeing a movie, then discussing it over food and drink? In Morristown it's easy enough to do both! Enjoy a great movie, discover a new place with delicious food, and have stimulating conversation with friendly, interesting people. We won't just stay in Morristown. If the movies we want to see don't come to us, we'll go to them! You'll find us in Morristown and surrounding areas, Bernardsville, East Hanover, Rockaway, Cranford, etc. but we'll go to specialty theatres in Chatham and Montclair as well. We'll enjoy a broad, eclectic range of movies and a variety of food. Sure beats going to the movies by yourself!

Our Meetups will take place at different times of day - sometimes involving dinner, sometimes lunch or afternoon tea. Ideally, all within walking distance of the theatre. All movie fans are welcome. Hope you can join us!

We have recently added "annual" dues to the group. Why? Because Meetup charges me, as the organizer, $90 every six months, to host this group. Our group members thought it fair that this cost be dispersed via dues, since I don't charge for events. And because they didn't want me to continue to pay $180 per year to host the group! The best part is that the more people who pay the dues, the longer we are covered. So, the dues may up being bi-annual instead! Enjoy your free trial and hopefully you will become a full member after that!

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Godzilla: King of the Monsters IMAX @ AMC Rockaway/discuss @ Townsquare Diner

Hello everyone! What better way to get the blood pumping for June than to see Japan’s allegory for the the Bomb, Godzilla, take on some other giant monsters? There is a showing at 1:10 pm, but there doesn’t seem to be a screening that allows us to see it in any regular screen. This means you will have to get a ticket for the IMAX showing which gives a wider screen and better sound quality. It may cost more but for a movie like this it’s worth it. It’s also included to AMC Stubs A-List for no extra cost. Afterwards, we’ll change things up and go to the Townsquare Diner for dinner and discussion. It’s a mile away from the theatre, a short drive but a nice change in location. I’ll include the address and a link to the menu for your convenience: 320 NJ-15, Wharton, NJ 07885 http://townsquare-diner.com/menu.html See you all then!

Rocketman + Goodbye party for Mary + dinner at TBD!!!

AMC Headquarters Plaza 10

This will be a bittersweet event because though this film is supposed to be good and many people want to see Rocketman - especially Mary - we will also be saying goodbye to Mary as she prepares to move to Maryland. Hey - I just got that - Mary is moving to Maryland! Guess that's appropriate, but I for one do not want to say goodbye:( It will be in her honor that we see this movie and then have a delicious dinner at a special restaurant which I will announce here once I have it locked down. But it will be in Morristown. TICKETS: Advance tickets are available and I got the first one - D6! PARKING: If you park in the Hyatt garage remember to bring your parking ticket with you to get it validated at the theater when you arrive - your parking will be free for up to 4 hours! After 4 hours it's $5. Another option for parking is in the CVS parking lot at 117 Speedwell Avenue, which is down the street from the movie theater. It's free! OUR NO SHOW POLICY: If you RSVP and your plans then change, I ask that you notify us and change your RSVP as soon as possible - definitely before the start of the event. It's unfair for the group to wait around after the film for people who do not show up. And it fouls up reservations made at the restaurants we visit. NO SHOWS WILL NOW BE WARNED ONCE AND REMOVED FROM THE GROUP AFTER THE THIRD OCCURRENCE. We keep a list of no-shows - please change your RSVP prior to the start of the event so you don't end up on it! Thank you for your consideration.

Who's up for a drive in movie? POSSIBLE EVENT - COMMENT BELOW

Warwick Drive-In Theater

The nice weather is on its way. Which should be perfect for seeing a drive-in movie! I have heard great things about the Warwick Drive-In and have always wanted to see a movie there. I was reminded of this when I saw a Groupon for it. Warwick, NY is a lovely, quaint town, not that far away, with wineries and great restaurants. If there is interest we could make a fun trip of this. THERE'S JUST ONE CATCH: This Groupon is only good for weeknights from now until September. And since I'm not working, I'd rather save the money. So if you think you could do a weeknight, let me know in the comments below and I would schedule this sometime in June or July. Otherwise, we can do in on a weekend in September. The Groupon is good until October 27. If you've never used Groupon you can sign up for a free account here: https://www.groupon.com/visitor_referral/h/e80020c2-0ca4-4042-8385-7408c9c34997 Once you have an account the coupon is here: https://www.groupon.com/deals/warwick-drive-in-theatre-5

Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

AMC Headquarters Plaza 10

Quentin Tarantino's latest movie. Need I say more? A show time and dinner discussion will be posted in July. Getting this on the calendar now.

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