• Who's up for a drive in movie? POSSIBLE EVENT - COMMENT BELOW

    Warwick Drive-In Theater

    The nice weather is on its way. Which should be perfect for seeing a drive-in movie! I have heard great things about the Warwick Drive-In and have always wanted to see a movie there. I was reminded of this when I saw a Groupon for it. Warwick, NY is a lovely, quaint town, not that far away, with wineries and great restaurants. If there is interest we could make a fun trip of this. THERE'S JUST ONE CATCH: This Groupon is only good for weeknights from now until September. And since I'm not working, I'd rather save the money. So if you think you could do a weeknight, let me know in the comments below and I would schedule this sometime in June or July. Otherwise, we can do in on a weekend in September. The Groupon is good until October 27. If you've never used Groupon you can sign up for a free account here: https://www.groupon.com/visitor_referral/h/e80020c2-0ca4-4042-8385-7408c9c34997 Once you have an account the coupon is here: https://www.groupon.com/deals/warwick-drive-in-theatre-5

  • Summer Picnic & Outdoor Movie - PLEASE VOTE IN COMMENTS BELOW

    As some of you have heard at recent events, I'd like to organize a summer outing for the group and thought it would be great to have a pot-luck picnic prior to seeing a movie under the stars! Similar to our successful Oscar Party, we would sign up and bring items we could all share. But before I can plan it, we need to decide which film and date to choose. Most of the outdoor movies are family/kid oriented so I've been trying to find ones that would appeal most to our crowd. I was also trying to target weekends but these events are mostly on weeknights. I found two worthy options - please vote for your choice in the comments below. Option #1: June 30 - A Star is Born - sponsored by Montclair Film this will be showing at the Van Vleck House and Gardens which is a botanical garden in Montclair. I know we already saw this film but it sounds like a great venue - and this is a Sunday evening. Gates open at 7pm and the film will begin at sundown. Attendees are encouraged to arrive early and picnic. https://montclairfilm.org/events/a-star-is-born/ Option #2: July 31 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Ginty Field, next to the Morris Twp. Municipal Complex on Woodland Ave. at 8:30 pm. I thought we might enjoy this classic on a Wednesday night. I think we can get there as early as we want. So, please cast your vote ASAP. Then we can get this organized! (For more information and/or other options check out this article: https://www.njfamily.com/where-to-find-free-outdoor-movies-in-nj-this-summer/)

  • Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

    AMC Headquarters Plaza 10

    Quentin Tarantino's latest movie. Need I say more? A show time and dinner discussion will be posted in July. Getting this on the calendar now.