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Technical, legal and socio-economic aspects of the blockchain ecosystem

Join if you're interested in blockchains, cryptoeconomics, cryptocurrencies, dapps, smart contracts, DAOs, ICOs, liquid feedback and such. We address technical, security, economic, legal and ethical aspects of the blockchain ecosystem. We meet-up every 8 weeks fearuring two speakers presenting their perspectives on a specific topic.

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During the day, we run Datarella (http://datarella.com).

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Blockchain in PropTech


Despite the fact that global real estate holdings are worth hundreds of trillions of dollars the sector has long lagged behind as areas such as finance rapidly digitalized. Up until now investment in real estate has usually been the providence of the wealthy with most of the population effectively locked out of the asset class. Additionally, the industry suffers from low liquidity, high transactions costs, high barriers to entry and little transparency. Right now we’re entering a kind of perfect storm environment where blockchain is enabling new business models while simultaneously addressing the issues endemic to the industry. At this event, we will see established real estate players leveraging blockchain-based for investment purposes, to streamline inefficient processes and to build innovative new business models on top of a decentralized​ technology stack.

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The State of Security Token Offerings STO


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