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What we’re about

Join us for our popular class series on mushroom diversity, identification and cultivation!

Check out our Facebook community for more information:

Classes will alternate between traditional mushroom information/identification classes and hands-on cultivation and food/medicine preparation workshops, as well as several opportunities to sign up for day trips and overnight camping trips. If you used to come to our classes at Counter Culture Labs, this is the same group!

We will often have a variety of freshly collected specimens for you to handle and get familiar with, as well as several knowledgeable community members on hand who can answer your questions and give you time saving tips and tricks for foraging or growing your own mushrooms at home.

Our main host, Mario Gabiati, has an educational experience company that aims to transform your relationship to science and mathematics through fun, community building events where YOU get to make the art, cook the food, grow the stuff and build the robots!

Mycelial mass wants to encourage as many curious minds to attend as possible, so we educators have decided to present this class free of charge and use donations to sponsor future classes. Please consider donating $10-$20 so that you can sponsor a future class attendee (or attendees!) with your donation!

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