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What Internet of Things (IoT) Platforms Can Learn From Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

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Sukanta Ganguly, VP Solutions Architecture, Aerospike

A Database Month event

The miniaturization of sensor devices, growth in processing power and dramatic reduction in the costs, have given rise to the "Internet Of Things" (IoT). The mere fact that things with mini and micro form factors communicate data to a central repository to sense and respond is not revolutionary, but the variety, volume and velocity of data collected is.

What are the key elements of an IoT platform? How do you ingest data from millions of devices? How much throughput can different network interfaces manage? What are the best communications channels for different payloads? How do you handle intermittent high volume traffic bursts? How do you manage from gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes of data with short retention windows? What can developers of IoT platforms learn from pioneers in Real-time Bidding (RTB), on of the most demanding applications in the "Internet of People".

Sukanta Ganguly, VP Solutions Architecture, Aerospike

Sukanta Ganguly is a technologist, serial entrepreneur, angel investor and mentor. He will share his experiences building a geographically distributed and industrial quality rugged sensor network that monitors vehicles in parking facilitates in cities across the country, uses predictive analysis to forecast and re-route traffic, makes parking recommendations, handles payments and directs shoppers to local merchants with coupons and loyalty programs.

As VP Solutions Architecture at Aerospike (, an in-memory NoSQL key-value store optimized for flash, Sukanta has also helped design Internet scale digital advertising and multi-channel marketing platforms that process millions of transactions per second and terabytes of data. He will use these insights to describe the similarities and differences in data cardinality, data volumes and throughput and what developers of IoT platforms can learn from RTB.

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