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The Naked Club - Bay Area region - has conducted around 100 outings and events involving over 800 people over the last decade, of all ages (but over 18 generally), all genders and all sexual orientations. Most of these gatherings were organized and lead by "Nomad" during his visits to SF twice a year and attendance was somewhat controlled to maintain reasonable gender balance. If you are one of the 95% in this meetup group that is male, PLEASE make the effort to invite female friends to join. It is natural for women to be more reserved about getting involved while men tend to be more openly enthusiastic. This is likely because of the misperception that a women who wants to experience the freedom of being clothes-free outdoors is somehow going to be open to sexual advances. Guys!... put that right out of your minds! Our events and gatherings are decidedly non-sexual. An extra effort may need to be taken to ensure a safe social space for everyone. Any guys who are disappointed over this reality should leave the group immediately.

Important to know... this meetup group is just a fraction of the size of our world group. We actually have our own website which is a world guide to places, events and people relating to free expression of nudity. The site is still in "beta" and we are now rolling out the "Pods" section of the site which is for the listing of groups and organizations. "Pods" will have similar functionality to the meetup group in that users can join and participate in organized events.

Start by making a profile here:

https://member.naked-club.org (http://member.naked-club.org)

Please help us expand our database by adding events and places that have not yet been added.

If you are particularly interested in being part of our photo day-trips (some of which pay you a fee) please check out:


Naked Club is a continuously growing world group of free-spirited adults who believe that being naked socially and outdoors is a wholesome and enlightened way of experiencing life. When we create visuals this is our message to the world that a truly open and accepting society starts with body-freedom. Nude people of any age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation are all beautiful. Come with us on our uplifting clothes-free adventures on planet Earth!

Hope to see you soon!


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