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What we’re about

A Learning, Support and Strategies group built for ADD/ADHD Adults. We welcome and celebrate our LGBTQ+ community members. Come to a safe and open space to learn more about ADD and ADHD from a professional and passionate Adult ADHD Coach.

The purpose of this group is to build community, skills, and confidence. So that we can have the most diverse and supportive group, most events are held online, but I hope to build this into a community that might also have member-led, in-person meetups anywhere our members are gathered.

There are a variety of Meetup types, for example:
ADHD Learning Presentations -
These are designed to improve understanding of what ADHD is and where it shows up in our lives.
Free Accountabilibuddy Work Sessions -
Body Doubling sessions to help keep focused attention for an hour at a time.
Life-Strategy Focus Sessions -
These help identify and implement strategies to use to tackle common ADHD Adulting pitfalls, like paying bills, cleaning up, planning a workday.

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