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NPS: Philosophical Economics - Doing economics in a State – Two perspectives
November’s Philosophical Economics Group: Topic: Doing economics in the State – Two perspectives (Keynes and Hobbes). Venue: Room 1 - Good Space – Commercial Union House (Floor two). Date: Monday 19th November. Time: 18:30-20:30 Cost: Free; but a small donation of £2 is requested from those who can afford it, to recoup the charity’s (NPS) costs. Description: In our last meeting we covered the rise of the libertarian right wing in Hayek. This was based in a reading of Hegel’s history and the role of the subject’s freedom. This entire account of the right wing was based in a discussion of freedom as a pivotal concept. Our discussion noted that this perspective of freedom was a deeply libertarian one, and although it did not call for the eradication of the state, it was not concerned with its survival either. We had planned to discuss Keynes in our last session and this will be taken up in this session. His economics of demand, price, and his discussion of the human subject relegated by society and the philosophical discussions thereof. Andy J.D. White will be guiding us through this scholar who is typically conceived of as a left-wing thinker in economics – and discussing some of the implications of his world view. After this we will rectify an error of our last session. We discussed the right-wing as a libertarian movement, this however is not the entirety factual. We will cover the works of Hobbes, an authoritarian conservative, to consider the reverse side of the equation. His discussion of economics is not that long; however, it is necessary to do some political philosophy first. It should be noted that this group is directed by the attendees, if you want to see a certain topic/would like to give a public talk please come along and suggest it. Group Description: This will be a monthly series and is aimed at allowing those who attend the opportunity to learn and debate the systems that guide our modern world, as well as the theories that made this world possible. It should be stressed that this group will be discussing the theory of economics, not its practice, and thus should operate more like a philosophy/ arts/humanities discussion than a debate on scientific principles. Facilitator of group and contact details: Hannes Ingo Torbohm – [masked] Potential Topics: -What is the Homo Economicus/Rational Economic Man debate? -Should Economics become a more Sociological Discipline? -Is there a space for Ethics in Economics? -Are there inherent ideologies in Economics? -What does a crypto-currency mean for the modern world? -Also talks are planned for specific economic thinkers: e.g. Friedman, Marx, Hayek, Smith, Sen, etc. -We are also open to discuss how cannon philosophers interact with economics (e.g. Deleuze, Foucault, Kant, Hegel, Hardt, etc.) or the impacts of certain texts on philosophy (Wealth of Nations, Capitalism and -Freedom, Road to Serfdom, Das Kapital, etc.). Future Events: The December event is running on the second Monday of the month, rather than the typical third.

Good Space, 2nd Floor, Commercial Union House

39 Pilgrim Street · Newcastle

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