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What we’re about

This group is for Conscious Expansion! HEALING & CREATING BLISS! Practicing the powerful science of spirituality from the teaching of the ancient yogic traditions, handed down by the sages, rishis and enlightened masters. • Join us weekly as we discuss and share our dreams and innate gifts, creating a space for each of our realities to manifest! • We share ancient proven techniques and learn about our thoughts, words, emotions, actions, patterns and how they are manifesting, as well as tools to heal the past that keeps us from expressing our peak potential. • We do exercises in a group environment as well as individually to catalyze our causes and transformations. We work together to create our reality and consciously choose the reality we prefer. • We tap into our innate powers as direct reflections of our divine nature. • Most importantly we EXPAND IN BLISS & SUCCESS IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE: love, wealth, health, joy, healing and sharing these tools with others. We hold the space for safe community setting where we shine our light, celebrate life, appreciate one another and support each other in conscious expansion.


The purpose of our coming together in community is to live more blissfully, harmoniously, sustainably, holistically, and to reflect a huge positive possibility of peace for the individual, for the group, for our families, for our larger communities and the world. How? By healing ourselves and sharing with others! By learning and practicing the science of spirituality and lifestyle that supports this purpose!

Who Should Join:

Join us if you’re excited for expanding consciousness, tapping in to the vast potential of who we truly are. Join us if you are yearning to discover and practice the ancient yogic sciences with other of like-hearted friends and expanding in BLISS while doing it!!!


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