Network Hacking (Security) 101!

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Noisebridge Hackerspace
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2169 Mission St. 3rd Floor · San Francisco, CA

How to find us

Noisebridge is near the corner of 18th Street & Mission, the door to the left of Mi Ranchito. Public transportation: near the 16th & Mission BART station, and the 22, 33, 55, & 14 buses. Please ring the doorbell, & go to the 3rd floor.

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We all know to be careful on coffee shop (and Noisebridge) WiFi, but maybe you don’t know what an attack actually looks like. Let’s fix that!

I’d love to share some basic knowledge about how networks work and how to break them fun, but probably not profit (that would be at least 201).

This would be a hands-on interactive event using some infrastructure I’ve built to facilitate hacking competitions over the internet. So no one is walking away without having intercepting some packets and popped some reverse shells.

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert in this topic; part of the reason it’s a 101. :p

You will need to bring with you a laptop with some tools installed:
* OpenVPN (Tunnelblick is a good MacOS client)
* Wireshark (tcpdump also works)
* nmap
* netcat (nc)
* bettercap
* python3
* arpspoof

It's highly recommended that you bring use Linux or MacOS, but these tools are availible for Windows as well. If you have a Windows laptop, you can install Linux in a VM* with Kali being the canonical offensive security distribution (

(*Windows subsystem for Linux if great, but doesn't work with packet capturing, so you won't be able to use it here)

* Network crash course or: how I learned to love the packet
* Network sniffing and the world of broadcast traffic
* Man-in-the-middle attacks through ARP poisoning
* Network scanning and finding your next target
* DNS poisoning so that your too can be