What we're about

We are Noisebridge. Noisebridge is a hackerspace for technical and creative projects, do-ocratically run by our members. We are a non-profit educational institution intended for public benefit. Come and visit our space, a 5,000+ square-foot area located in the heart of San Francisco. We teach, we learn, we share.

Noisebridge has MOVED to 272 Capp Street, directly behind the old space, still between 17th and 18th streets in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood! It’s all very exciting, and we need your support to pull it off! Join Noisebridge in building the largest non profit hacker community in San Francisco. Our biggest needs are recurring donations and volunteer hours to work on buildout, setting up the electronics room, wood shop, machine shop, and so on. You can donate at patreon.com/noisebridge, and visit the space at 272 Capp Street during our open hours and events, for a tour or to work on your own projects!

Upcoming events (4+)

OHSNAP (Open Hardware for Secure Networks and Privacy) Project: Weekly Workgroup

Link visible for attendees

This is the weekly meeting of the Open Hardware for Secure Networks And Privacy (OHSNAP) project, an effort to build an open-source platform for secure networks with a known root of trust. We are doing active research and development on our primary product, the OHSNAP Firewall, a single-board computer for use as an edge node by privacy-conscious individuals on their home networks. More project details at https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/OHSNAP

OHSNAP is a 100% volunteer effort. We are looking for collaborators to help us make progress. You don't need to be an expert in hardware, software, networks, or security to make a real difference. Our weekly meetings are a good place to learn about the project and to see if your time and effort can contribute to a vital endeavor in the fight for individuals' rights to privacy.

Meet here: https://meet.jit.si/ohsnap

Free Code Camp In Person Study Session / Co-Work at Noisebridge

272 Capp St

Special super bowl edition!!!!!!
We will have the super bowl playing in the background with snacks!

Free Code Camp is a 5 hour meetup where you bring your laptop and any food and drinks you want and we sit around and work on our own coding projects. Ask questions etc...

The meetup is open to all levels of coders from total beginners to l33t hax0rs.

The event is 12:30 - 5:30 but you can come and go whenever.

Please RSVP so I know you plan on making it.

  • freeCodeCamp Code of Conduct applies to our in-person meetings
  • Safety and anti-harassment policies from our host Noisebridge will also be in place
  • Vaccinated community members are welcome, but we will also encourage wearing face masks and safe distancing if we are working closely indoors.

I dont always check meetup messages. If you would like to contact me please reach out to farley #7657 on discord on the noisebridge discord server https://discord.com/invite/NWAgs3zaMM

Laser Cutter Safety Training


Learn how to be safe while using the laser cutter! We have a 150W, CO2 laser cutter with a 3 x 4 ft bed. This training is required to use the laser cutter because we don't want people setting our most expensive equipment donation on fire. You have to do this training even if you were trained at the old space, as we have different safety features now.

Training covers
* Dangers of the laser cutter
* How to be safe
* How to put out a fire

Each participant will cut a piece of cardboard on the laser cutter while following all the safety steps.

This is also a good place to ask questions about specific materials or projects. Almost everything at Noisebridge is pay-what-you-can. If you can comfortably do so, we ask that you donate $20 for this class: https://donate.noisebridge.net

Sewing 101: Introduction to Sewing Machines



Learn domestic sewing machine basics, including how to set up the machine and operate it. Expand beyond the basic domestic sewing machine with the industrial straight stitch, industrial serger, the walking-foot, the coverstitch, and more.

Our Sewing 101 classes usually have a waitlist, so if you are unable to attend we ask that you cancel so that someone else can come to the class. Please cancel even if it is last minute.

The fee for this class is $10, payable to our cash box, or by Venmo, Paypal, or Credit Card. See Donate to Noisebridge for more information. We hope to purchase Singer Heavy Duty machines to replace our other domestics that are more difficult to repair.

Sewing 101 happens every second Monday. The other weeks of the month may include machine embroidery 101, machine knitting 101, and special projects. Feel free to request a topic or project.

Past events (3,331)

AI and Reinforcement Learning Meetup

272 Capp St