• Gamebridge Unityversity Game Dev with Unity C# and more

    Needs a location



    IN THE "Church Classroom" CHANNEL.

    Unityversity.com (http://unityversity.com): Learn to make Unity games, music and art in free beginner-friendly class meetups and Twitch streams with tutorials (https://gamebridgeu.wordpress.com/tutorials) and projects (https://gamebridgeu.wordpress.com/projects).

    WHEN: 6-8PM PST Wednesdays

    WHERE: Noisebridge Hackerspace, (https://noisebridge.net)
    272 Capp St, San Francisco, CA 94110

    Learn more about the Wednesday classes:
    -- The Wednesday version is a companion class to the Friday version. In this class we explore various topics in game development, usually art (visual and auditory, etc..) and design related.

    • Songbridge (https://gamebridgeu.wordpress.com/songbridge)

    • Artbridge (http://gamebridgeu.wordpress.com/artbridge): 8PM on Wednesdays. 2D/3D art in Photoshop/Sketchup/Maya/Substance/Aseprite

    • Gamebridge (http://gamebridgeu.wordpress.com/tuesdays): 6-8PM on Wednesdays. Unity game development in C# + design/story/art/audio

    • Noisebridge Hackerspace Meeting (https://noisebridge.net/meeting): 7-7:30pm every Tuesday. meet noisebridge members & participate in the broader community!

    • Twitch.tv/primerist (https://twitch.tv/primerist): Stream live and watch recordings.

    • Bring: a laptop, Unity (http://www.unity3d.com/), game, art and music tools (http://gamebridgeu.wordpress.com/resources).


  • AI and Reinforcement Learning Meetup

    Needs a location

    Hello folx!

    This will be both in-person and on the Noisebridge Discord: https://discord.gg/3NFncdxufQ

    We at Noisebridge want to start a new AI revolution. Or, at least, some really cool RL agents, visual systems, and NLP agents at Noisebridge.

    Our main deep learning Github page is here: https://github.com/noisebridge/deep-learning-meetup

    I currently am also on a project for an autonomous indoor robot, here https://github.com/noisebridge/marys-lamb

  • OHSNAP (Open Hardware for Secure Networks and Privacy) Project: Weekly Workgroup

    Link visible for attendees

    This is the weekly meeting of the Open Hardware for Secure Networks And Privacy (OHSNAP) project, an effort to build an open-source platform for secure networks with a known root of trust. We are doing active research and development on our primary product, the OHSNAP Firewall, a single-board computer for use as an edge node by privacy-conscious individuals on their home networks. More project details at https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/OHSNAP

    OHSNAP is a 100% volunteer effort. We are looking for collaborators to help us make progress. You don't need to be an expert in hardware, software, networks, or security to make a real difference. Our weekly meetings are a good place to learn about the project and to see if your time and effort can contribute to a vital endeavor in the fight for individuals' rights to privacy.

    Meet here: https://jitsi.bench.supply/ohsnap
    If you can't connect, try the alternate: https://meet.jit.si/ohsnap (the primary Jitsi server goes down sometimes)

  • BookBridge: Book Club @ Noisebridge

    Needs a location

    Come hangout at Noisebridge for an informal book club and talk about books!

    No assigned reading!
    Please come and share the books you are reading, or have read in the past.

    If folks would like to choose a book to read together that is encouraged!

    Be prepared to exchange books (if desired), get and share book recommendations, talk about all types of books of all genres, most and least favorite authors, share tips for best book apps, ideas, stories, writing projects and more.

    Bring your friends!

  • 5 Minutes of Fame!

    Link visible for attendees

    Happening on jitsi.noisebridge.io , potentially on Gather.Town

    As we head into the final months of the pandemic, let's meet online and share all of the cool things we've working on in our times at home!

    5MoF, or 5 Minutes of Fame, is where hackers get the opportunity to present what they've been working on to an audience of fellow hackers and curious, awesome people. With enough people, we generally let everyone get to speak, but given we can talk about our things forever, there will definitely be an after-hours hangout sesh.

    No need to bring a project, just come and get inspired!

  • Free Code Camp In Person Study Session / Co-Work at Noisebridge

    Needs a location

    Free Code Camp is a 5 hour meetup where you bring your laptop and any food and drinks you want and we sit around and work on our own coding projects. Ask questions etc...

    The meetup is open to all levels of coders from total beginners to l33t hax0rs.

    The event is 12:30 - 5:30 but you can come and go whenever.

    Please RSVP so I know you plan on making it.

    • freeCodeCamp Code of Conduct applies to our in-person meetings
    • Safety and anti-harassment policies from our host Noisebridge will also be in place
    • Vaccinated community members are welcome, but we will also encourage wearing face masks and safe distancing if we are working closely indoors.

  • Every Friday: Noisebridge is opening!

    Needs a location

    We are finally opening for Friday evening hours! Come by if you want to hack, code, or just hang out.
    We have a functional sewing and soldering area, as well as the Hackitorium.

  • React.js Right Click Menu - Learn useState & useEffect

    Needs a location

    In this class, you will learn how to make a right-click menu component using useEffect and useState hooks. We'll also go over props and some javascript events. To get the most out of this class, you should know some basics of javascript. Everyone is welcome to come regardless, so please come!


    2:00 PM - Meet & Greet
    2:10 PM - Live coding explaining everything you need to build a right-click menu. (props, useEffect, useState, and event handling)
    2:30 PM - Challenge Time - Build your right-click menu component
    3:30 PM - Demo what you did and learn
    3:50 PM - Q&A

    This class is designed to get you out of fluency illusion and to get you writing React code. You can't fail, and we'll be there 100% of the way to help you!

  • Intro To Ableton Live

    Needs a location

    an introduction and overview of Ableton Live.