• Introduction to Modelling: Vector Drawing for 2D plotters

    Learn the universally applicable modelling skills in a 2D environment. This class will cover the geometry and practical application of 2D modelling with a vinyl cutter and a mechanical pen. This class will use Inkscape, which is free, open source, and used to generate DXF files from a number of sources and which apply to many CNC machines. Please download and install before class. If you have problems installing, please arrive 30m early and we can try to assist. https://inkscape.org/ http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/Installing_Inkscape

  • 5MoF

    Noisebridge Hackersapce

    Sign up to participate here: https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/5mof/signup/ Five Minutes of Fame (5MoF) is ten five minute talks in an hour, with a short intermission so you can get another beer. Talks tend to be ad-hoc, poorly-planned, and awe-inspiring. Previous 5 minute talks have included things like: “Controlling Flame Effects with MIDI and the Web”, “Python book for kids”, “C-41 Process: How Color Film Works”. (https://noisebridge.net/Five_Minutes_of_Fame#Past_5MoFs) Come to this event if you’re interested in hearing awesome people talk about their projects/passions!

  • neurotech sf vr code night with webvr, eeg, oculus, mysql, neural nets

    neurotech sf vr code night: coding with WebXR, WebVR, Three.js, Brainduino EEG, Oculus GO, Raspberry Pi Zero W, MySQL, neural networks etc... Check this out:[masked] an example of WebVR software with EEG, with FFT, it's a scatter plot spectrogram in VR, that our meetup has helped to build over weeks and months, it runs in Oculus Go or any device that has a webVR browser: https://www.facebook.com/worksalt/videos/2467372666622699/ Lets WebXR for Brain Computer Interfaces. Lets figure out how to send streaming user data and brain activity data into a neural network to train it to predict what the user is doing based on what biometric sensors are detecting. The story so far: https://medium.com/silicon-valley-global-news/noisebridge-went-to-the-maker-faire-in-this-article-you-will-learn-about-ngalac-the-93f4857d3014 Ring Door Bell to get in. look around space for sign says "neurotech sf vr code night" https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Getting_Here We have successfully achieved connecting EEG to the Oculus Go via WebVR, we have also integrated FFT (Fast fourier transform) into the code, we are collecting time stamped user action data, and time stamped eeg data for the neural network portion of the project. We have replaced the original server written in Python with a new server written in GO. Watch the Neural Lace Podcast Season 2 Episode 1 NeuroTechX and OpenEIT https://youtu.be/aexQwTpOwYc with Jean Rintoul to get the big picture vision of what we want to accomplish. New! If you really want to be up to date please also watch the Neural Lace Podcast S2 E2 with Jules Urbach https://youtu.be/yMsaNsqzjFQ Our objective is to merge Brain Machine Interfaces with WebXR, AR VR headsets, Machine Learning (Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain and more. To create new core medical technologies. 1. Create a plane based spectrogram that allows us to modify the vectors in the mesh. Create intense visuals: something like this with scaling spheres and wave like color flows but reacting to brainwaves https://threejs.org/examples/webgl_buffergeometry_instancing_billboards.html 2. Reconnect & capture the time stamped user data (ie the user is looking at Cube3 at 9:05:47pm) and the time stamped EEG data from the VR headset, send it into a free cloud based database (could be mysql or non-relational db, or neuropype or getcloudbrain.com), and use collected data to train a neural network (like tensorflow or ptorch or we could use baidu ez dl) 3. Broadcast our EEG server & html page to the open web so we are not using local hosts. (We will be sending the data to the Valis server to be our webhost, DB, and Neural Network server. 4. Set up the Pi zero w for SSH and also migrate a version of the EEG server & html to the Raspberry Pi Zero W. 5. Secure the medical data (EEG) on the blockchain with Kara app by OasisLabs https://medium.com/oasislabs Previously: We made significant progress at the July 29th, 2018 meetup: We were able to cause voltages from the skin to move objects in WebVR. https://www.facebook.com/worksalt/videos/2332211350138832/ Be excellent to each other: Assume everyone else could be more knowledgeable about WebXR or 3D technology than you are. Never assume that women or other minorities or anyone else knows less than you about any topic! Assume you are among the best and brightest in the world, because the best and brightest in the world actually do come to the Noisebridge Hackerspace, NeurotechSF meetups, and SF VR meetups regularly. Getting here: https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Getting_Here Other links including the Github and our online groups: https://medium.com/@vrma/list-of-links-from-neurotech-sf-vr-on-8-31-2018-7a80cfd3901b


    Noisebridge Hackersapce

    We are opening up Noisebridge to the public ALL NIGHT LONG! Starts at 8:00pm goes til early morning or until everyone leaves. Bring your projects to hack on, make friends, hang out!

  • CoALA Hack

    Noisebridge Hackersapce

    Hackathon! https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/CoALA_Hack

  • Saturday Afternoon Figure Drawing!


    Come draw with us! Sketchboard Community is an affordable figure drawing meetup, hosted at various venues that support artists with live music and some art supplies provided! 1 model, long poses, with a few gesture poses in the first hour. Noisebridge aim to provide a space for people to hack, create, learn, and explore in a safe, welcoming, and accessible environment. Entry is a $5-25 sliding scale donation and go towards paying models, musicians, organizers & the venues. If you can't pay $, please help volunteer, promote, or bring friends so we can keep the event affordable & accessible! You can also sign up to volunteer via eventbrite. All mediums are welcomed, but please being a tarp is you plan on using oil or any water soluble medium or graphite. We provide some art supplies, easels, and tables for your use. This is a supportive, body-positive, creative space for people of all ages, identities, and experience levels. Any questions, please ask Brittany or Natalie: [masked] ** Sign up for our monthly events reminder here; www.goo.gl/Pt4nzd ** Wanna model? Sign up here; https://goo.gl/forms/8HGX5Wof7FNxfo7D2

  • 101 Intro to Ableton Live -- All are Welcome! Bring Questions or Just Show Up.

    This class is meant to give each participant a decent introduction to Ableton Live. Class takes place in the main room at Noisebridge. This is a 101 class, so no previous experience is necessary. Intended audience is anyone interested in using their computer for making music. You are also welcome to use our Ableton computer, NAW, at any time! It includes an extensive catalog of audio and visual tools, including donated, fully licensed copies of Bitwig Studio and Max/MSP! Be excellent to each other in sharing the machine. :) -Link- https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Naw Bring your own computer with Ableton Live installed, or download the 30-day trial copy at: https://www.ableton.com/en/trial/ If you are interested in receiving a Non-profit discount for Ableton Live as part of the class, we will be happy to assist you! Discussion is encouraged @ https://llllllll.co/t/noisebridge-naw/13891 or you can also email our general Discussion Mailing List. https://lists.noisebridge.net/mailman/listinfo/noisebridge-discuss Class is always free to attend, but donation greatly appreciated to improve tools and equipment we have available for you every day at Noisebridge. You can donate at: https://donate.noisebridge.net/projects/gnar We are looking for instructors + anyone who would like to help teach. So come to the class and talk to us about it. About Kris - Kris Grant is a music producer, mixing engineer, and Ableton Live instructor in San Francisco. Kris teaches creative composition with Ableton Live at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and has been producing music for nearly 15 years. He has released multiple EPs under the moniker Idea Unsound and has most recently co-founded a musical startup called Seeq Audio. Links: Kris's music & more info - www.iamiu.io Seeq Audio - www.seeqaudio.com

  • TOOOL-SF Locksport January Meeting


    Work on your lockpicking skills with some of the experts in the bay area. Bring your picks and your favorite locks. If you have something for show and tell, please bring that too.

  • audioChurch Potluck - Share your Music, Audio and Video projects at Noisebridge!

    • What we'll do Let's meet for 90 minutes, from 4pm - 5:30pm, to share our instruments, music, audio and video projects! Software, Hardware, and Snacks welcome! Things tend to devolve into a jam fest until around 7pm... Bring a snack item to share and feel free to donate $ to Noisebridge. • What to bring Project, Food to share, effect pedals. Be sure to bring along any power adapters or audio cables you might need. Sweet Bonus: If you have some sort of effect unit, people will often try connecting it to their project! Last meetup we messed with delay, loopers, Tri-band distortion, overdrive effects, and more! • Important to know The more projects, the better. We have some guitar amps, power outlets and speakers around the space, but always best to remember your own cables and technical needs, including batteries, etc.

  • Laser Cutter Safety Training


    Noisebridge has a lovely 100W, 3 x 4 ft, CO2 laser cutter. Learn how to be safe while using the laser cutter! This training is required to use the laser cutter because we don't want people setting our most expensive donation on fire. Training covers * Dangers of the laser cutter * How to be safe * How to put out a fire Each participant will cut a piece of cardboard on the laser cutter while following all the safety steps. This is also a good place to ask questions about specific materials or projects.