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Ludum Dare 44 @ Noisebridge

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Mark W.


We are doing Ludum Dare at Noisebridge! This is a game jam - come make games over the course of the weekend and share your progress at the end! This is less formal an event than the Global Game Jam. No sponsors, just some devs hangin out and makin' games. I'll provide coffee in the mornings for those who need it. Who knows, maybe bagels? o.O

Bring your own computers and stuff!

Note: Noisebridge's fundraising gala is happening Saturday the 27th, so there will be a lot of people there that evening. Doesn't mean you can't still come jam, but note that it will be crowded and noisy. If that's not your kind of work environment, you have been forewarned!
2169 Mission St., 3rd Floor · San Francisco, CA
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