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What we’re about

ABOUT: NCV started in April 2009 as a group of friends banding together to share the costs of owning and maintaining (expensive) volleyball systems and gear. Our members usually play on the sand courts at South Carlsbad State Beach (aka South Ponto) next to the Batiquitos Lagoon jetty but you can also find them on open courts at Warm Waters, Frazee, Dog Beach and Oceanside.

SOLID INTERMEDIATES AND UP ONLY: Please note that we expect our members to be intermediate level and higher. If you are thinking of joining, you must know how to serve, pass, set and hit with consistency. The 2x2 game in sand takes a fair amount of stamina. It is also a safety concern. "Jungle ball" is dangerous and we do not want anyone to get injured due to unsafe play. If you are a novice, check out Sorrento Valley Beach Volleyball, Wave Volleyball and SoCal Volleyball for clinics and instruction.

You MUST also read up on our rules here: NCV Rules of Play & Conduct (

Due to COVID-19, we are temporarily suspending membership dues except for ACTIVE equipment users. ALL money goes to cover equipment (nets, lines & balls) and our fees.

The North Coast Volleyball Crew

P.S. If you want to help our group out by becoming an event organizer or setup coordinator, please contact Tom Geldner or Marie Collins (see the organizer list).