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North East India - The Culture on the other side of the Country

India’s Northeast States, dangling way out on the edge of the map and the national perception, are strictly for explorers who want something different from their India experience. These remote frontier lands, where India, Southeast Asia and Tibet meet, are a collision zone of cultures, climates, landscapes and peoples and are one of Asia’s last great unknowns. It’s a place of rugged beauty where uncharted forests clamber up toward unnamed Himalayan peaks. It’s a land of enormous variety where rhinoceros live in swampy grasslands and former head-hunters live in longhouses in the jungle. And it’s an adventure in the truest sense of the word. Infuriating permits and over-exaggerated safety worries mean the northeast is way off the tourist trail, yet the people are probably the friendliest in India. So with all this on offer, why wait? Don your pith helmet and set forth in search of adventure.

The sole purpose of this group is to organise meetups to this enchanting land and capture it all !!

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The Hornbill Festival Photography trip to Nagaland

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