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What we’re about

At The NY Horror Movie Group you will meet other local Horror Movie fans to go see horror films, analyze horror movies and maybe even get together for a few drinks after the movie.

This is perhaps the best part of our lovely meetup. This is your chance to meet other people who LOVE horror and exchange ideas, anecdotes, laugh about bad flicks you've seen, and much more?! Also we focus on creating a unique and wonderful atmosphere at every event.

There is a $13.00 annual fee (if you pay by credit card you can choose to renew automatically - best option - which will happen on the same day you pay your dues OR you can do it manually, up to you). What do you get for $13.00 a year? A lot.

These are some of benefits of being member of our group:

    FREE MOVIE SCREENINGS during the year

    Visits to horror conventions

    FREE prizes (yup Free prizes folks)

    At least once a week an event to attend (so no excuses for you- we are a very active group...)

    FREE Raffle of DVD movies and collector items

    FREE magazines

    Horror Parties

    Meet some of our special members who are: actors, directors, working on special effect, writers, singers, cameraman, prop department, and more

    Meet DIRECTORS and CAST MEMBERS of future films at EXCLUSIVE Q&A we get invited to!!!

    PLUS we have members who found true love in our group (that's an A+ on my book)

    But if you don't find "the one" you still get to hang out among the coolest people who enjoy, appreciate and share their passion for this genre.

So? what are you waiting for? Sign up! Come to our events, let's watch a movie, and while you are at it, make some friends and have FUN. Be part of THE #1 HORROR GROUP (and the oldest) on the NET


NOTE: To maintain your membership, you MUST attend at least 1 event every FOUR months.

We are a non-flaky Meetup so three "no shows" or four months of inactivity - unfortunately, it could lead to your removal from the group.  Other ways you can get kick are:
- No picture on your profile after 30 days (even you paid your dues),
- No email for us to contact you

Membership is at Organizer's discretion.  We prefer quality over quantity!

ANNUAL DUES: To pay your dues please click on the link below.