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What we’re about

HackDays is a meetup based on the philosophy that:

  • You're a lot more productive when there's a time limit
  • When learning to code, the fastest way to learn is to make something
  • The best way to be introduced to new programming concepts is by interacting with other hackers

You don't have to be a code ninja - a lot of HackDays participants are brand new to programming. There are plenty of experienced CS students and hackers around to help.

If you're a current college student (CS or otherwise) and want to hang out and hack with others - come to Hackdays!

If you're attending a Hackday:

  • Bring a laptop to follow along.
  • Talks always start at 5:30pm.
  • Ask a lot of questions.

Check out our sister meetup, DesignDays!

This meetup is for current students only - high school, undergrad or graduate. If you're a startup looking for sponsorship and recruitment opportunities, please contact the organizer.