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The Oakland Advanced Scala Study Group was formed in May 2014 by Azad Bolour, Chris Richardson, and Bill Venners to promote the in-depth understanding of the Scala language and its ecosystem for developers serious about using Scala professionally.

If you are already familiar with Scala (for example, at the level of successful completion of the Coursera Functional Programming in Scala course) and are eager to take your knowledge to the next level, join us twice monthly in the East Bay for a lively discussion of timely topics in the advanced use of Scala.

For each study session, we choose a Scala topic of wide interest, recommend preparatory reading materials and things to try on your own, then get together to discuss, share ideas, and pair/group program to solidify our understanding of that topic for everyday professional use.

We look forward to your participation in our next meetup.

Azad, Chris, Bill

P.S. Please keep in mind that study groups like this are most productive when everyone has taken the time to prepare for each meeting beforehand in order to develop a basic understanding of the topic areas and to formulate questions and issues for discussion.

Past events (28)

Akka Persistence

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Functional Programming in Scala Chapters 7, 8

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Event Sourcing

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