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What we’re about

This group is a network of gaming events taking place all around Orange County, with the goal of getting people together to play board games face to face. We're dedicated to the social interaction, intellectual stimulation, and just plain fun that comes out of unplugging from our busy lives, and sitting down with friends to play games that don't require electricity. Our meetup group is available for members to host events in their own homes, or public venues, as long as that venue is not a business involved in making a profit from gaming.

There's a board gaming Renaissance happening; hundreds of board games are released every year. Many of these games feature innovative mechanics, clever themes, and fresh ideas. These games offer the player choice, and don't require a slavish devotion to rolling a die, moving some spaces, and drawing a card to see what happens. Play time is typically less than 90 minutes, and the games are easily understood. Shows like Wil Wheaton's TableTop and sites like BoardGameGeek provide information on, and an entry point into, these games. While some members are also interested in Role Playing Games, Miniatures Games, or Video Games, our events are tailored towards board and card gaming.

If you're already familiar with these games, yes, we play your sort of board games. If you're not familiar with these games, there's a whole new world here to explore and discover, and we'll help you do it. Games are always taught to newcomers, and our goal is to have fun playing games with friendly people. Come join us!

NOTE: When applying for membership to the group, please use your real name. This is so we can create name badges for the venues where they are used.