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Oneness is a phenomenon, not affiliated with any religious or spiritual belief.
The Oneness Blessing, through Grace, is a direct transfer of intelligent sacred energy which causes the heart to open, heals relationships, calms the mind, transforms to higher states of Consciousness and initiates a process of Awakening into Oneness where there is no longer a sense of separateness. All that remains is the awareness of reality as it is — the joy of being fully present in the moment. Whatever path of spiritual awakening you are on will be supported. This gift is for all of us, no matter our belief systems.

透过静心、呼吸、内观内省、觉察、古老的静心技巧、肢体的活动、Deeksha (合一祝福)、合一的教导等,让知识、讯息进入个人的体验,使所有的教导都能成为你真实的经验,使你在短时间内提升与蛻变,感受到爱与合一的存在。Deeksha又称“合一祝福”,它是一种能量的传递,一种祝福的形式。这能量来自于宇宙中的高层意识与光,它充满了喜悦、慈悲、无条件的爱与智慧。它关注于整个人类,是一种非信仰性的礼物,不局限于任何特定的宗教。

Oneness Group in Singapore is for all who are devoted in spiritual growth and our goal is to help you to grow spiritually, to open your heart, to touch deep states of stillness and peace, and ultimately to awaken into Oneness with all of life. Our healing and transformation generates a ripple effect in families, in entire societies and in the whole of existence. With an Oneness community now counting in the tens of thousands in the world, the impact of this phenomenon reaches all corners of the planet with the promise of a new consciousness and a future of peace. We also have a few Indian groups in Singapore for our Indian devotees. Non-Indian devotees are welcome to join their activities too. For more information about our Indian groups in Singapore, please message directly to our Indian Oneness Trainer, Silvy ji, at (+65) 98356206 (pls do not call her as she may be in India some time).

We organize Oneness Blessing events on weekends, such as meditation, Wealth Deeksha, and Health Deeksha to help the participants to increase their awareness and each participant will also receive Oneness Blessing to deepen their state of Oneness to bring them into higher consciousness. The process will assist each participant to heal themselves in different aspects of life and eventually to create a joyful and peaceful life.

At the same time, we also hold events and classes for Deeksha (Oneness Blessing) Givers to assist them to deepen their state of awakening, such as 64 Deeksha Process and Oneness Bhakti Yoga Process.

P/S: To become a Deeksha Giver, you will need to attend a 2-day "Oneness Awakening Course" (OAC) and to be initiated as a Deeksha (Oneness Blessing) Giver, which will be held as and when required, depending on the requests.

If you would like to know more about all the events of Oneness Blessing groups in Singapore, please kindly visit http://www.facebook.com/Oneness.sg and http://oneness-sg.blogspot.com

More info about Oneness Blessing, please visit the official website of O&O Academy at http://www.oo.academy or 印度合一大学中文官方网站 at http://www.onenesschina.org

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