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Only Urban - The group for Minnesota's total urbanophiles! Only Urban was started to specialize in only city activities.

If you enjoy exploring the heart of the Twin Cities or wish to do so then this is the group for you. We visit alternative clubs, go dancing, taste new food, go to art galleries, support the local arts community, locally owned restaurants, coffee shops, and businesses.

We love cool and interesting events and activities so if you have ideas for group that are in St. Paul or Minneapolis please post them in the "Ideas" section!

Events that the group organizer is hosting will be cross posted in her two other social groups Singles In The Cities (https://www.meetup.com/Single-in-the-Cities/) and Navigating Single Life In The Twin Cities (https://www.meetup.com/Navigating-Single-Life-in-the-Twin-Cities/)

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Sunday FUNdays this Winter! Join our bowling team, meet some new people! 🎳🍻

The Winter doesn’t have to be so dark and gloomy – join us on the lanes away from the cold to have a lot of fun and meet a bunch of new people!
Join our super fun team in this awesome social bowling league. The last league they hosted was super fun so don’t miss out this time – it may sell out due to high demand/lower capacity! We’ll be getting together and having a great time with friends while meeting some new people on the lanes! Don’t worry about being good at bowling either – bowling skills are definitely optional! ;)
Day: Sunday afternoons
Alley: Memory Lanes
Cost: Discounted price of $66 (Use code MINMUW23)for SIX weeks! Includes everything! (see below for details)
The league has created a team for the group on Sunday’s called Stars and Strikes - here's the link: Stars and Strikes / https://bit.ly/3ujU4X3
(You can set up your own team with friends too if you’d like! We’ll all be hanging out either way!)
LEAGUE INFORMATION : https://bit.ly/3UklM0C
Just to be clear since there was some confusion before, this is for a LEAGUE(dates below). The event date is when you should REGISTER by, we aren’t meeting up on that date! We have an absolute blast every time we bowl. Big reminder: you have to register/pay through the leagues website in order to be a part of the league, not just RSVP here :)
I'm a terrible bowler - is it a competitive league?
No - the league is super social so the more gutter balls you throw, the better! Whether you're a great bowler or a terrible bowler, the league is a fun way to socialize and meet new people
Isn't bowling for, like, grandparents?
Not in this league! If you're looking to socialize with tons of young professionals in their 20s-30s-40s, this is the league for you.
Are there any hidden costs?
Zero! Included in your registration of $66 (With discount code applied) you get:
-6 weeks of coed social bowling (1-3 games each week)
-Bowling shoe rentals and league organization
-Trivia w/ prizes most weeks
-FREE team T-Shirts if you sign up early!
What are the dates?
Sunday afternoons: Jan 29, Feb 5, Feb 19, Feb 26, Mar 5, Mar 12
Sounds awesome, where do I sign up?!
Say no more – click here for all the info you need!
All League Information : https://bit.ly/3UklM0C
Get $17 off with promo code: MINMUW23
Check out their FACEBOOK page: https://www.facebook.com/MinneapolisBowling/
The league is filling up, so sign up soon!!
\If you have any questions email the league

League Contact Information : http://bit.ly/2nKHno7

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