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The Chemistry of Marijuana
Get ready for legal cannabis in Canada! This will be a seminar style talk by a phytochemist about Cannabis sativa; plant chemistry basics, the upcoming legal situation and how to responsibly enjoy the plant. Learn about compounds created by the plant, dose control, and horticulture basics. Visit Open Science Network for a short presentation then share stories of your own experience and interests. Bio: James Douglas is a chemist and plant scientist focused on cannabis and organic agriculture. He runs Phytochem Consulting, which focuses on supporting organic horticulture by developing technologies and through consultation. He loves to make tools and equipment to help people take care of plants, especially high tech gadgets for small farms and home use. Photo by Justin Aikin on Conceived in the spirit of the VHS's open nights, Open Lab Wednesdays are an opportunity to connect with the lab, meet the people working on project, bring whatever your working on, whatever ideas you have, to an informal meet'n'greet at our lab. Member's are often present doing PCR, pipetting enzymes, having fun. Some Open Lab Wednesdays will have a speaker present a topic of interest to the community or a workshop/demonstration. If you would like to do a talk please email us your ideas at info at opensciencenet dot com. Don't forget to signup on our mailing list ( There are no requirements for these meetups, just come yourself, meet anyone and everyone involved, learn about potential projects, propose your own, and see our lab as it has evolved until now! Open Science Network ( Share us on FaceBook (

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Science is all around us. Many find a love for it at an early age, but few continue to learn after leaving educational institutions. For those who continue to seek to know, there is DIYbio. DIYbio is is a community in which burgeoning biological engineers can come together to learn and share ideas, bringing back that enthusiasm for science we experienced as kids. DIYbio promotes the responsible and safe practice of scientific techniques. We meet in the Vancouver area to discuss topics such as best practices, advances in related technology and market scope for new products as well as participate in workshops and projects. We are totally volunteer run so if you have a great idea for a project that you think our membership would be interested in then do contact us.

Our community lab is located at MakerLabs ( in Strathcona. Come visit us during one of our Open Lab Wednesdays events. Sign up for our newsletter on our website linked below. If you would like to connect with the Directors of OSN you can use the contact form ( on the OSN website to email them.

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