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OWASP Orange County Chapter. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a 501(c)(3) worldwide not-for-profit charitable organization focused on improving the security of software. Our mission is to make software security visible, so that individuals and organizations worldwide can make informed decisions about true software security risks.

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OWASP OC July meeting: Bare Metal Service Mesh Basics & Emotional Intelligence

Speaker: John Studarus, President, JHL Consulting Topic: Bare Metal Service Mesh Basics for SecOps Abstract: Zero Trust is an information security mantra to not implicitly trust any the underlying infrastructure (hardware, network, software, etc). For many organizations, this extends into the cloud where this philosophy is applied to workloads running in public, virtualized clouds. We'll be taking this philosophy to protect an insecure application, the Fortune Cookie Micro Service, running atop a bare metal cloud with a Service Mesh to provide authentication and encryption of data in motion without the complexities of virtualization or containerization. Many security engineers are unaware of the security capabilities of a Service Mesh so we hope to open eyes to the security capabilities it can provide. This walkthrough uses all open source software (Terraform for the deployment atop the Packet bare metal cloud and Consul for the service mesh) atop Ubuntu physical nodes. Speaker Bio: John is the president of JHL Consulting where he provides technical risk, cybersecurity, and cloud product strategy services. John merges his interests in computing infrastructure, networking, and software security. His background includes leading product teams, writing prototype code and conducting risk assessments of distributed systems at Fortune 500s and startups alike. He brings a rare combination of technical expertise and product strategy and is just as comfortable writing code as he is developing a product strategy. John is the president of JHL Consulting where he provides technical risk, cybersecurity, and cloud product strategy services. Twitter: @John_Studarus ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Speaker: Vivek Kashyap, Sr Manager - IT Operations, AT&T, Coach/Motivational Speaker Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence Topic: Introduction to Emotional Intelligence Abstract: The most effective leaders are all alike in one crucial way: they all have a high degree of emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is key factor of growth in both personal and professional life. Topics covered in the session What is Emotional Intelligence Benefits of Emotional Intelligence What are the key aspects of Emotional Intelligence How to practice Emotional Intelligence Ability to label, recognize, and understand your own emotions Benefits of Emotional Intelligence Calmness and clarity of mind, resilience and more satisfying relationships Sharpened attention to create high-resolution perception into your own cognitive and emotive processes Emotional Regulation Self Awareness Enhanced Compassion and Empathy Better listening ability leading to enhance social skills Bio: Vivek Kashyap Is Technology professional and a Certified Heart Intelligence Coach who brings clarity and insight into his client’s lives. He has studied and taught meditation for over 25 years and has conducted many programs on: Emotional Mastery, Mindfulness, Stress Reduction, Empathic and Heart Intelligence. Vivek is also a technology professional who works with organizations to help facilitate their journey into Mindfulness, Heart Centered Leadership and Empathic Intelligence. As an experienced manager, he helps leaders increase their effectiveness through enhanced communication skills, enabling them to build more trusting and cohesive teams.He has successfully developed mindful communities, in corporate environments, which have created more open and connected cultures, increased engagement, and inspired innovation. Twitter: @Mypresentheart Schedule: 6:00pm Food, Drinks & Networking 6:30pm Intro to Emotional Intelligence presentation 7:00pm Bare Metal Service Mesh Basics presentation (followed by Q&A) A raffle will be held at the end of the meeting for OWASP swag and a free conference pass to the AppSec Cali 2020 conference. You must be present to win.

OWASP OC get-together at DEFCON

Chayo Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar

Are you an OWASP OC member attending DEFCON? If so, join us at the Chayo Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar, down restaurant row between the Flamingo and LINQ hotels for a chat, food and drinks. We are always looking for good speakers for our meetup, so prospective speakers are also invited - bring along a guest. Please RSVP here so we can reserve enough space for everyone.

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