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The PAPARAZZI Experience - Only at Comic Con 2018
BEFORE GETTING TO THE DETAILS EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS: This is strictly limited event. Lots of people will want to sign up for this and it will fill up fast. ONLY SIGN UP IF YOU CAN MAKE IT. I will mark people absent if you can't make it. You take away a spot from someone who really wants to do it. Also we can end up seeing a lot of celebrities or none. Either way there is a lot to photograph and you will have fun. I will give you tips and tricks at 8 am. There may be a lot of standing around and at those times I am happy to talk and help you when I can but this is my job so in the middle of our conversation and I have to run please do not take that as I am being rude. AND REMEMBER THIS... There are a lot of professional photographers and autograph collectors and just lookie loos so it can get hectic. Please be courteous to people around you even if they are not to you. It can get pushy at times so just be aware of that. The photo above of Emily Bett Rickards of Arrow was taken last year. Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a Paparazzi? No need to wonder as this is your chance. The chance to be one of them is here... I have been doing this for years at San Diego Comic Con. I collect autographs and shoot professionally every year and have a blast doing it. It can be hectic at times but also a fun experience as well. You may end up bruised or in a fist fight with another photographer or if you are lucky a celebrity may yell at you so if you join up you must have a thick skin... Since we have no idea who will be there and when it can also be a lot of waiting and it could be hot as well. So if you are looking for punishment look no further...this is the Meetup for you! :) Back to serious now... yes, all this can happen. I have seen it all out there but mostly it is fun with geeks, nerds and celebrities cross paths. Who knows who we will see but most likely it will be actors from new shows coming out later this year or current sci-fi/fantasy type shows. If you are coming out to see the super celebrities it is 99.9% sure it will not happen but there will be a lot. PARKING IS A PROBLEM. Most spaces down here are pre sold and already sold out. I would take the trolley in or find parking around Pacific Highway area near Broadway or so. You also may find parking at Horton Plaza or take the trolley in. The Gaslamp 5th Ave stop is right in front of the Tin Fish. I want us all to meet in front of the Tin Fish restaurant across the street from the entrance to the Hard Rock Hotel at 7:30 am. I WILL NOT WAIT FOR PEOPLE THAT ARE LATE. Celebrities can start arriving anytime so we can discuss how to set up the camera and what to look for when shooting for a few minutes and then we are gone. We can shoot as long as you want but most people are happy after a couple hours. There are many places to shoot celebrities down there and I plan to be shooing from Wed afternoon till Sunday evening. I shoot each day till I can't stand anymore. THIS IS STRICTLY LIMITED TO 10 PEOPLE. Please only sign up if you have thick skin and are asking for punishment AND WILL BE THERE. Any chance you won't make it be courteous and let someone else do it. I am doing this early morning because it is not as big a warzone at that time but it can still get hectic at times or we could go two hours without seeing a single celebrity. If you love it so much and you stay later by then you will be a pro at it so go for it. Or we may see them but not recognize them... So your homework is to keep an eye on what celebrities have been announced and Google them to see what they look like in real life because they won't be wearing their costumes, usually... :) I have seen Hugh Jackman dressed as Wolverine, Jack Black as Nacho Libre and Daniel Radcliff as Spider-Man to name a few. If you do not see celebrities there are always great people to shoot just walking on the street. EQUIPMENT - This is important. You are best not to have a bulky camera bag. In fact I do not even recommend you bringing a bag or if you do a very small one. It does get crowded and the bag gets heavy as well as in everyone's way. I always bring my[masked] but I also carry in a small bag with my[masked]. It gets crowded down there and many people want selfies so better to get tight shots if possible so you do not have all the distraction around them but those type of shots can also be cool at times. If you RSVP YES, please show up, otherwise change your RSVP to NO. Please Note: By submitting a YES RSVP and participating in any PPS event, you agree that PPS, Organizers, and Event Hosts are NOT responsible for your safety or for any injury or damage to your person or your property, or that of your guest(s). You agree that you have read the instructions of the announcement and that you and your guest(s) are assuming all risks of participating in the event.

Tin Fish Gaslamp

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