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What we’re about

It’s Simple. We’re your ride to get outside.
Parkbus Taiwan connects city dwellers with nature through express, reservable and accessible transportation options to some of the best (and hard to get to) natural areas in Taiwan.
This group is for anyone interested in hiking, birding, nature and wildlife viewing and generally just looking to get outside with other like-minded enthusiasts.
This is a transportation-only solution to accessing nature.
Parkbus Taiwan is a pilot project working with guidance from Parkbus Canada. Founded in 2010, Parkbus Canada operates bus services to National and Provincial Parks from major cities across Canada.
Parkbus Taiwan is coordinated and operated by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts. We're simply seeking to create greater access to natural areas for families, friends and all nature-lovers in Taiwan!

Parkbus Taiwan 提供您新選擇來認識台灣美麗的大自然,為大眾交通運輸難以到達的大自然景區提供預約的來回直達車。
Parkbus Taiwan是一個接受Parkbus指導的試營運的計畫。Parkbus在2010年成立於加拿大,提供從加拿大市區到國家公園以及州立公園的往來直達接駁車。
Parkbus Taiwan是由幾個喜愛大自然的同好成立,我們希望能透過提供直達接駁車的方式讓台灣人和外國人更加認識台灣,也更愛台灣!

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