What we're about

Looking for groups who have less than 7 players to a court/ 16 players for 2 courts? * :)

We, may be whom you've been looking for * !!! <--- To play non-stop/ need not to wait too long for next turn to play *

希望能不停地打球吗?我们应该就是您想要寻找的团队 * !!!

请电 9105 5252 或电邮 mypchospital@yahoo.com

Why us * :-

1. Low players to court ratio *

2. We use RSL goose feathers shuttles and they are of left wings which mean better quality saving the need to keep changing to have maximum enjoyment *

3. We will always try to be early to get to the hall to clean/ mop the floor.
No playing will be allowed if the floor is slippery until cleaning is completed.
All Buffet lovers must wear only court shoes for our session or "lesson" :)
This is to try make sure all can play safely without getting injured and also to go back in "one piece" :) *

Our players to court ratio is 5:1 and maximum is 6:1.

All playing levels and gender are welcome except if we have specifically mentioned that day is for certain playing level (example, Wednesday usually is for our highest playing level which is close to advance level) or we do not have beginners to play along/ enough courts for beginners.

We hold sessions everyday from Sunday to Sat and we have two sessions on Sun; as early as 9am and another in the afternoon from 1pm till 6pm. Sat will be only from 2pm to 5/ 6pm for now (since March 2016).
Earliest session on weekdays starts at 7pm (that also since March 2016) now.

We mainly play in the north and west.

Those who can assist us to book courts can be our regular.

1. We provide bananas and energy drinks to those who need. <--- while stock last :)
2. We provide pain relief spray and special plaster.
3. We use quality shuttlecocks (not right wing of goose).

Many of our badminton enthusiasts have chosen to join us because we have high standard for quality of shuttle (RSL 亚狮龙 Supreme, it is said to have the closest feel to AS 40) we use and our players to court ratio is 5:1 (where some said our session is buffet). The RSL Supreme shuttle we use is also of a "better grade" as in more durable and expensive than other "RSL Supreme shuttle". It will save players' time from keep changing the shuttles :)

We are only using RSL 亚狮龙 Classic Tourney shuttles (left wing's) instead because of the sharp increase in the price of shuttlecocks to keep ongoing sessions possible.

How to join us? Cost sharing and A S K :)

We will only need real, active but not phantom Buffet Lovers :)
Thus we normally will not add one immediately and will also periodically remove members who are inactive (to join us for games) for too long say six months.

"One will still need to pay regardless the reason if should cancel last min/ no show with no replacement. Please kindly give us more than enough time to look for a replacement. The minimum is 7 days for our non regulars before buffet commence and 15 days for regulars before booking of courts." Thanks.

Please call us directly @ 9105 5252 or email mypchospital@yahoo.com and do not message us on our mobile unless we have informed to message.
One may wish to contact us direct for detailed players' list/ total number of courts or special "updates" as we will only inform it over the phone how many more players needed plus the actual venue.
We believe in personal touch by communicating thru real person and not just only RSVP*

Priority will only be given to one who follow our instructions. Thanks.

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