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What we’re about

Meditation, understood as “training of the mind”, must include the body, since mind and body are a continuum, not two separate entities.

These two-hour sessions continually shift the focus of activity back and forth between seated meditations of various types (mainly mindfulness, but including other modes, e.g. dharana) interspersed with physical exercises that promote stretching and toning, proper breathing, and energy flow (derived from yoga, martial arts and chi kung).

This manner of working keeps the mind-body in a state of optimal clarity and alertness, ensuring that the meditations are performed in a state of high awareness and relaxation. I call this “martial yoga”, as it embodies a kind of “mystical warrior” ideal that aims at mental/physical/spiritual attunement. All exercise is low-impact, and suitable to all states of fitness.

Theo Huffman -- a certified meditation instructor and corporate mindfulness trainer -- holds a black belt in aikido, has been training in the art of Sytema for five years, and has trained in Tai Chi and Karate.