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unconditional love and compassion are the core of our souls, and is what links us to everyone and everything. animals and people are energetic beings who are always communicating thru and responding to energy. I invite reiki to envelope and connect us, creating a comforting space to experience, release or integrate whatever is needed… surrounded by peace, love, healing and serenity

join karin & peacelovehealing reiki to explore and expand your experience with traditional japanese reiki combined with earth-connected customs, kundalini yoga methods, and sound & vibrational practices

we will get together to connect, share, chant, meditate, honor the earth and ancestors, deepen our wisdom of ourselves and the energetic world we are a part of, and invite peace, love, healing and serenity for all animals and people and our amazing earth

facebook - https://www.facebook.com/peacelovehealingreiki/

instagram - https://www.instagram.com/peacelovehealingreiki/

awaken center - https://www.awakenche.org/awaken-center

beingone center - http://www.beingonecenter.org/

to schedule reiki sessions for yourself or your animals, contact karin at peacelovehealingk@yahoo.com, 908 625 6622

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