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What we’re about

Bunko is a dice game that dates back to 19th-century England and became popular in rise of the American West as a gambling activity.   During Prohibition it became associated with a game of chance in Speakeasies and Gin Parlor.  Our liquor isn't illegal and you don't need a secret passcode to get in.   You just need to want to have fun, share some laughs with some gals and who needs a book club as an excuse to get out of the house for some girl time.

Although our group is called Peachtree City Ladies who Bunko,  this group is for Ladies who live in what is considered the Southern Crescent - PTC of course and Fayetteville, Sharpsburg, Tyrone, Senoia & Newnan.   Although we do have members come from as far away as Hampton, Griffin, Jonesboro and Fairburn.  Game nights are hosted in members home in Peachtree City and occasionally in areas outside of the PTC City Limits.  We encourage our regular attending members to host.  Let Karen know if you are interested. 

The Members are Ladies from all stages (and ages) of life  looking to have fun with other ladies in the comfort of a living room, rolling some dice and having a few cocktails (although drinking alcohol is not a requirement of course and non-alcoholic beverages are always provided).

No prior experience is required.  We review the rules at the start of each game.   We are not as structured as bunko groups that might participate in tournaments.  

We are a growing and ever changing group.  Although we do not charge for membership, there is a cost for being a member:  Involvement, Courtesy, and Promptness. 

Our only rules are:

1. When you join this group, mentally commit to attend at least 2 bunkos in your first year.  Bunko's are scheduled in advance so you can put it on your personal calendar and registration to sign up is opened up 4 weeks before the bunko.  Bunkos are every other month.  If you are in-active for over 5 months you will receive a message asking about your intentions as a member of the group.  If you do not respond, in year after your registration, with no attempt to attend or respond to messages, you will be removed, yet free to rejoin when you know you have the time and desire to participate.   Make sure your email is valid and set up to receive notifications, otherwise you will miss the announcements about upcoming meetups and any changes and reminders.  (We do this because the group is large and can be offsetting to newcomers to think there are dozens of active members when there are not - our actual game night usually consists of 1/4 regulars, 1/2 semi regulars, and 1/4 newcomers.)

2.  If you RSVP yes, then it is your commitment to attend .  Each event has a specific capacity.  So your RSVP means your butt plans to be in one of the seats.   If your plans change, change your RSVP to NO so anyone on the waitlist can move up to be a GOING attendee.  If something comes up at the last minute that will make you miss or show up late, then be courteous and call the host or the coordinator (Karen Rands).  You will have received at least 1 reminder email and the phone numbers are on the event page.
DO NOT NO-SHOW!.    It hurts our feelings and may make it so someone else on the wait list doesn't get to play in your place simply because you flaked on your commitment to a wonderful group of gals.   AND it is simply rude and Inconsiderate to the hostess who had put time, energy and money into preparing her home for this event...and we will assume you are a yankee because no properly raised southern girl will no-show and leave a hostess hanging in the wind (hopefully you think that is funny). 

3:  No-Show Policy:   First time you no-show (no notification to the hostess or organizer prior to event or a good reason for the last minute emergency communicated within 24 hours of the infraction) you get a warning. Second no-show, you are blocked from attending the next two events.  Third no-show and your membership is revoked. 

4.  Themes: We are a dynamic group and love to have themes for each bunko.... go with that flow and participate.  It makes for a very fun night.   Just be creative, not extravagant. 

5. Experience Not Needed: If you have played bunko before you actually may be at a disadvantage, be flexible and go with the flow. We play a hybrid version that is true to the spirit of the game but works for the social environment we enjoy. 

6:   Our fee to play is $11 -> $10 for the prize pools and $1 for the maintenance of this site. We also allocate a portion of our pooled money to a local charity that the host chooses. 

Our main goal is to have some laughs and relax for a few hours with some pretty awesome ladies.  Some great friendships have been developed out of this group, so if you are looking for friends, you will likely find them if you join and get involved.

Feel free to bring a friend with you.  So see you soon!