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What we’re about

All our day walks should be easily accessible for Manchester, Sheffield, East Midlands, West Midlands, West Yorkshire and many with good rail links even from London and the South.

Browse our Meetup site and you'll find lots of cracking walks and one or two bike rides as well.

We also have a big schedule of low cost weekends away throughout the year summarised at the link below.

We're a group for all ages and stages and I guarantee you'll be made very welcome at any of our events.

If unsure about anything please ask.

Although everyone can join our group without charge, we are a a subscription based group which means that rather than make a charge for individual walks or require members to join the Ramblers Association to take part as some walking groups do, we levy a recurring Annual Membership charge of £10 or offer Life Membership for a one off payment of £35 but we allow your very first THREE MONTHS ABSOLUTELY FREE after which you need to make a decision about your continuing membership of the group. (Free period does not apply to re-joining members)

Full details are at:-

Most of our active members have at some point taken out Life Membership of the group but once achieved requires no further membership payments throughout the life of their membership.

We understand that new members may be little uncomfortable at parting with payments no matter how small without knowledge and experience of our lovely group so also give THREE MONTHS UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE from the date of payment on any subscription payments you make.

The kitty we generate through membership payments enables us to offer a massive program of budget weekends away and to pay our Meetup Fees, Liability Insurance and other expenses. All our activities are entirely NOT FOR PROFIT and none of our organisers or walk leaders draws any income whatsoever. Any income surplus is ploughed back into creating new events.

Please note that we do consider it essential for our group where members do meet each other 'live' that new members should use a sensible screen name that they expect to be addressed by and that they are prepared to upload/show a recognisable profile picture of themselves on our Meetup site.


Gordon Conway

Co-organiser and Founder
Peak District Walkers, Hikers, Ramblers and Leisure Group

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