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We have resumed scheduling events, observing local ordinances, customs, and prudence regarding social distancing and mask wearing. Thank You for your patience and understanding, and Welcome Back!.

Please note: with the exception of contact information, all content is public.

For well over a decade I've had the pleasure of Organizing, & I hope you will enjoy our events at least as much as I do.

Transit-Friendly Hikes and Walks in & near Philadelphia continue to be my focus as Organizer. Mild to moderate hikes predominate, although some events are more challenging, as will be noted. We are also expanding our repertoire to include bike-hikes, and plan at least one camping trip per year (usually to Fire Island National Seashore). Our events are frequently combined with historical info, local "scenes," & (occasionally) others' events. Most events are free of charge, but if you've already joined us for three, please consider contributing financially via the "Chip in" link in the left-hand navigation bar, by contacting me (or any event host) directly to give in person, or by email through paypal. Please *DO* join us whether or not you can afford to donate.

If you haven't uploaded a picture yet, please do so if you can, or otherwise identify yourself in some way in your profile. (I am certainly sympathetic to tech & time crunch issues.) I realize privacy is also a concern in today's world, but appreciate your good faith efforts to establish trust before meeting.

Please always read the *entire* hike description before you RSVP, and utilize the online resources (location links, etc.) before posting or sending questions. You may also check our past calendar for the kinds of events we do and may again. Participation is always at your own risk. If you would like to help out as an Assistant Organizer, whether by offering your own event or collaborating in some other way, please join us for a few hikes first.

Thanks & See You on the Trails!

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8/26PHIL-NYC-TOUR toFireIsland NY WildBEACH CAMPING(NatPark/LUX)4-8day options

This is our annual, CHEAP, most ALL-INCLUSIVE cost BEACH CAMPING event,(except bars,outside food)BUT including 2-3+ meals a day, drinks incl plenty of alcohol, camping fees,8 total train rides,3 ferry (w/ a 5 stop, same boat NYC EastRiverFerry HarborTour of Manhattan, Brooklyn, LICity). FOOD(includes Vegan and we are looking for a cook that would go for free)CUSTOM ordered enroute DRINKS include WORLD DEBUT of our NEW unique FIRE ISLAND ICE TEA, NationalPark fees, activities,4 expert guided tour OPTIONS to FI+back to Phila,etc.&most equipment ARE INCLUDED--for 1 LOW fee: $295 (in PA),$240(NYS)-for 4+/-,up to 8DAYS,your choice CAMPING UNDER PINES ON da BEACH!

{Updated MAY 7th 2022}

We will ASSEMBLE 8/26 BY 9-9:30am in SEPTA'S UPPER-LEVEL CONCOURSE in Amtrak's30th St Station Phila for correct elevator to be up&ready for 944am Trenton Train to take the SCENIC FUN TOUR TO CAMPING. See details, other enroute train times if you wish to meet us ENROUTE only at predetermined times and places exactly.

AFTER READING ALL, any SERIOUS inquiries or questions:[masked]

TOUR/CAMPING is Vegan Friendly(not exclusively but inclusively w 2 grills,etc.)and ALL by inexpensive TRANSIT(there is a car option) multiple INEXPENSIVE local Trains,NYC walking&multiple Ferries TOUR around New York Harbor positioning us for boarding the LONG ISLAND RR EXPRESS TRAIN near its yard w our wagons,carts,rolling suitcases, back-packs BEFORE THE CROWDS get on later while we sip our included cocktails&snacks enroute TO BEST OCEAN BEACHFRONT CAMPING IN THE ENTIRE MID-ATLANTIC REGION! There are nice showers/ bathrooms, rangers, extensive nature boardwalks&center,book stores,canoes,bars&nearby beach town etc.

Dancing! option Sat Nite, outside food&like are not included w our INCLUDED 2++ prepared meals a day, custom enroute ordered drinks for week,fees,&ALL tickets! There will be many places besides 30th St Station to meet OUR larger Tour group enroute at many PRECISE times AND precise busy TRAIN CARS on way up--or you can even drive(But we don't recommend driving through NYC&more then half way out traffic clogged LongIsland) to final required Ferry Ride into Fire Island National Park from Watch Hill Ferry Terminal in Patchogue, Long Island NY

THERE ARE NO CARS ON FIRE ISLAND. THERE ARE LOW BOARDWALKS EVERYWHERE TO/AT SPECIAL CAMP & ADACENT COMPLEX THAT CARTS & WAGONS w your things CAN BE PULLED RIGHT TO the EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL NONPROFIT GROUP CAMPSITE! You will need to wheel your cart or carry a big backpack including w your sleeping bag or bed roll equivalent hung/strapped under,on 3 separate 20+ min NYC walking segments of tour trip up as well as between trains&close ferries. Don't forget your important pillow, pad +/or inflatable mattress IF U wish but U have to carry or wheel w U. We have several extra train/ferry friendly(not to wide to fit in narrow train aisles&turns)wagons available but you'll need to COORINATE AHEAD of time w us.There are plugs on trains.There is public use electric plugs we will wire 400 feet to our group campsite for a private power strip charging station at our special group campsite. THERE IS AT LEAST SOME CELL PHONE SERVICE(this improves most years too)in ajacent Marina.There is running water at our site&dishwashing stations nearby in nearby regular campground we can use. We will be sleeping on sand.We advise U have a tarp or 2 for under&potentially more important over your tent in case of unpredictable really heavy rain! New large&smaller plastic bags rolled up tightly&ZIP lock baggies are handy for rain,sand& AM condensation being by ocean.Extra rope&tent stakes are helpful in sand&under our large campsite's small pine tree shaded grove.You pull your own small,well rolling cart or little red wagon(as negotiate well on narrower trains&elevators we use, but loaded high,often things like carrying milk crates strapped onto to coolers by stable bungie cords for example)on&off several,level loading trains& 1step ferries.There is only 1 wooden staircase down at old HuntersPoint LIRR Station LI City we are forced to use due to a Covid Schedule change. We will do relays here to help each other and any carts w luggage must be able to partially be easily disassembled&put back together if necessary to carry down these 1 set of steps.....All help will be provided/expected & we will provide many shared items including much minimal equipment,3 rolling coolers, as we will supply food,both Vegan&non-Vegan&drink,both alcohol&non-alcoholic,including our weeks supply custom ordered enroute,after polling our travel group about variety on train. U can bring special food&drink items subject to space limitations if they need our coolers w pre trip discussion&coordination&before the small regular Supermarket (but no liquor store)stop we make just before final WatchHill Ferry. A personal smaller soft sided cooler w ice(packs are better or frozen food thawing)will get some fresh perishable things there w U too. There will be 1-2 limited,big shared tents as demand dictates but please if U have 1, bring your own. Many other individuals generally graciously share their tents usually too though.

We have reserved a 2nd, actual fully in wilderness campsite a half mile away in what is really NY State's only Federally Designated Wilderness, Sat& Sun night, our peaks for those who want to get even "wilder"!(this is Fire Island w tales of 18thCentury pirates, 19thCentury Shipwreckers, 20thCentury Rumrunners that all used the Watch Hill by our group site you can easily walk over), Free Love & "less clothing" Sunbathing&Swimming!)

But we are directly by an adjacent a National Park 1 Lifeguarded Beach also equipped w all rustic luxuries like bathrooms w extensive showers (changing areas big enough to pitch tents in for severe storm shelter),group campsite large (triple) charcoal grill,running water (directly in our camp)& nearby,very small camp store,RangerStations,extensive nature walks, canoes& book store w materials all about the nature surrounding us! But there's also the luxury boat Marina combined w the Ferry Terminal we&LI day trippers use.There is a Marina Tiki Bar & a Snack Bar and vendor truck but the extensive full restaurant is currently closed. A mile away in other direction away from the Wilderness by both beach&more connecting small,low boardwalk is the quiet suburban,car-free beach town of Davis Park w its beautiful homes,Marina Boardwalk focus,at least 2 restaurants&a bigger small store we will definitely tour on our way to go dancing at the Beachfront Bar Saturday Night and possibly back for Karaoke Sun!There is a Ranger led Clamming(digging in the shallow bay behind Marina-you'll need"water shoes"of some kind)activites and Canoeing opportunities one day at Wilderness edge of the Great South Bay. Of course there is lots of "beach time" but there will be a wilderness beach hike.There is also a delightful main Island town, Patchogue we will all have opportunity to spend a few hours in, before 1st group escorted return trip back to/through NYC Penn Station, where, on both escorted returns there will be a mini tour of spectacular new Amtrak NYC Moynihan Train Hall while awaiting your trains home(& we have special knowledge how to avoid the current rebuilding going on in much of the old Penn Station that NJT commuters use).

Tour and any independent arrivals to FI must be PREPARED to expedite travel &arrive Watch Hill Ferry Terminal by 3:30pm for last "RAIN/SHINE Ferry" on their day of travel IN CASE OF RAIN:[masked] Davis Park Ferry Co.,for Watch Hill Terminal,to double check if traveling independently for 2nd,last RAIN/SHINE Ferry of the day)--otherwise boats run throughout day;9:30am,11:30am,1:15pm,3:30pm w last normal Watch Hill Ferry being 5:15pm outbound. But there is a special 7pm FRI ONLY Watch Hill FIRE ISLAND Ferry TOUR travel group will take from on the Special LIRR Express Train twin of the more famous LIRR Cannonball Special(to the adjacent Hamptons)from a lesser-known Long Island City station we walk to from our earlier multi-stop single Ferry NYC Harbor TOUR (lT IS SO GOOD TO HAVE A GUIDE!)

There are 2 ESCORTED ways up; 1)Thurs8/25 for quiet partial set up DAYTIME w Jed OR 2) Friday 8/26 on the MAIN TRAIN, WALKING, NYC Harbor FERRIES, LI RR EXPRESS, TOUR with Scott. There are ALSO 2 different ESCORTED trips back; Tues 8/30 morning/afternoon/evening with Jed or following Thurs 9/1 midday w Scott. Or U can come & go independently or in groups as all guidance & alternatives will b provided).

ALL TICKETS FOR ALL TRAVEL (6 trains,2 subways & 3 ferries on TOUR route most take through NY Harbor!), NPS CAMPING FEES, 2++ prepared meals a day plus snacks, other supplies/opportunities, PLUS custom ordered,enroute delivered drinks--as well as many other shared things are:
$33 A DAY if you stay ALL 8 DAYS.4 DAYS IS $69 A DAY for example, etc. It is less if you travel up on your own to meet us enroute or drive & we don't have to pay for train tickets.

Compare this w ANY other luxury catered beachfront stay AND TRAVEL anywhere, let alone AN EXPERT GUIDED NEW YORK TOUR TO the BEST, CLOSEST BEACH CAMPING IN THE MIDATLANTIC US REGION!!

Always check this website for any last-minute updates!

Note:All CentralCity Phila SEPTA RR,NJTRR,PATH&LIRR, Subways/El& all#100 Norristown Hi Speed Line Stations are High Level, easy boarding for you and your small wagon or cart but may have other limits. BUT other connecting suburban Phila area stations if not high level may require riders to negotiate steep rail car steps carrying your cart unless they are listed as handicap accessible w a mini length-high level platform you use per line's SEPTA schedules. All buses are 1 step Low Floor,but most Trolleys are not yet.RR trains have multiple cars too.

THU 8/25 Small SET UP DAY early.Escorted Trip to F.I. w/Jed McKee: HELP IS REQUESTED for Extra quiet day in Campground on beach (before MAIN tour arrives Fri Nite) to prepare a meal&preset 1 group tent&screen room.PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS & ARRANGEMENTS. Jed:[masked]

FRI 8/26/22 MAIN BEACH CAMPING TRIP/TOUR with Scott Maits:

-MEET 30thStSta.UpperLevel--by9:30am---for all connections
Last Open Car LV:944AM on SEPTA Trenton Line train#709
(which is also direct train from EAST ChestnutHill Sta.:9:02am,TempleU RR Sta:9:29am,Jefferson/Market East Sta: 9:35am ect)
-TrentonLine CornwellHts.Station(I-95-free long-term parking) LV:10:18am
-TrentonSta.SEPTA ARR:10:36am (for connecting NJT RiverLine fromAC.
--Trenton Sta: your quick 2ndBreakfast Break chance after 30th St Sta.: McDonalds,News Stand snacks for those who missed theirs at home! ---We will eat our 1st fee paid for,packed food&snacks on the NYC Harbor Ferry about 3pm, packed Cocktails&snacks on LIRR train after 530pm.Dinner will be ready at Ocean side WatchHill BeachDune Private Campground around 8pm right after arrival to QUICKLY set our own tents at dusk.

-Trenton NJTransitTrain#3840 2nd Car of usual 12Car train. LV: 11:28am
-Hamilton NJT Park & Ride(I-295)LV: 11:30am
-Princeton Junction NJT LV: 11:41am
-New Brunswick (Rutgers Main) NJT LV: 11:56am
-Newark Airport NJT LV: 12:33pm
-Newark Penn NJT ARR: 12:39pm
-NewarkCHANGE(unless rain-see other note)toPATH"subway"1stCarLV1p
-World Trade Center PATH Occulas Station/Mall AR R: 1:25pm
-WALK Tour throughGroundZero Memorial &via LowerManhattanPath to famous BatteryPark ARR:2:00pm WALK: EastRiver PATH past South St Seaport to Wall St Ferry Terminal ARR by: 2:30pm
-Wall Street Ferry Terminal LV:2:49pm on
East River Ferry To HunterPointSouthFerry Terminal ARR:3:30pm
-WALK tour 25mins throughLICity toHunterPt.LIRR Station where there is a 1flight downstairs portage
---There is an option right here via nice #7 Subway direct from near Penn & Grand Central Stations to ride to directly ADJACENT Hunterspoint SUBWAY Sta(same steps)for anyone coming late/from other connections.
-HuntersPoint RAILROAD Station LIRR Train#2712 a Montauk Limited stops Train(direct w 5 stops to Patchogue Station)LV:4:30pm,LAST CAR.
-LIRR Jamica Station (Chaotic @RushHour especially w/ luggage/cart but for all LIRRconnections including anyone independently running late direct from PENN Sta)JamicaArr:4:45 Jamica:LV:4:49pmLastCar-seats not guaranteed & difficult to maneuver any wagons or carts &even find anyone in 3rd busiest NYC Station at peak of rush hour unless U already have seats in a group.
-But we will have INCLUDED snack & cocktail on LIRR LICity-MONTAUK EXPRESS in our early boarding seats
-Patchogue Sta. LIRR ARR 6:01pm
-Then Option1:Some WALK directly the 3blks toWatchHill NationalPark FerryTerminal
-Option2: Some WALK 1bk to small supermarket to help w last minute bulky supplies we need to pick up fast there (ice, charcoal, milk [vegan too],corn,ice cream[w/vegan] etc.).We will need help w this enroute shopping trip back the 5bks to FIWH Ferry Terminal 9 (our rolling coolers will be dismounted &pulled here freeing their wagons to carry more!) BY 655pm for last Fri ONLY Ferry LV: 7pm, relaxing ferry tour ride out of Patchogue Harbor&across Great South Bay for Fire Island!

-You will need easy access from your luggage on ferry (so pack accordingly)to change into your light but long sleeve hoodies,hats, light long pants for persistent night mosquitos in camp when we arrive to screen room&already set group tents&where you set up your tent. It has been discovered that ALL-NATURAL LEMON-EUCALYPTUS INSECT REPELLANT WORKS BETTER THEN standard CHEMICAL DEET SPRAYS PER CONSUMER REPORTS. WE WILL HAVE SOME SUPPLIES W US&WILL APPLY ON LAST FERRY IN. Please bring you private supply of the right stuff too. We must walk right away after Ferry arrives WatchHill with carts and wagons while the sun is setting.Marina walks, bathrooms etc. are lit but not campsites WHERE ITS BEST TO SET UP ASAP AND HAVE YOUR OWN BUG FREE TENT.We will have 1-2 bigger but limited group tents already set up as demand warrants.We will have at least 1 screen room set up w a picnic table too.AND dinner will be WAITING FOR U including Burgers(Vegan too),ect,IceCream we pick upon the way in 1st night while there still frozen--in celebration of arrival!

Note: Generally persistent mosquitos are a problem but not on 1st dune upper boardwalk, beach ocean&ocean dune steps hang out areas at night. Bathroom& Marina area behind first primary dune is OK during day &mostly at night w bug repellent. In camp we have screen room, tents and for night. Everyone should bring & wear light version of long pants&sleave hoodie tee shirts w effective Lemon-Eucalyptus bug repellent, that, like Suntan lotion, needs 2b applied regularly(every 3hrs when outside not on beach etc. at night).Please also bring you own supply too but make sure it's the right stuff as there are lots of different types trying to get your $! We will also hang out on the beach at night at times&watch for late August shooting stars through the stunningly clear Milky Way!


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