• Valley Forge to Berwyn (Future Trails 2019: Mainline to Tidewater, part 1 )

    The description below is subject to change/expansion. We will meet inside the Valley Forge National Park Visitor Center, near the front door to the parking lot. ONLY SEPTA's #125 bus from Center City and King of Prussia provide access to Valley Forge Park. We will be exploring a proposed route for a Tinicum to Valley Forge trail that uses the Darby Creek Valley from Berwyn, crossing Valley Forge Park, following Valley Creek up through Chesterbrook, a portion of the new Chester Valley Trail, then Cassatt Rd to SEPTA's Berwyn Regional Rail Train Station on the Lancaster Pike/Lincoln Highway, with its rare bike friendly pedestrian rail overpass also decorated with the names of soldiers from the township as far back as the French and Indian War. Last year's event can be viewed here: http://meetu.ps/e/FzhHl/jCKN/d , and there are links for previous years as well.

  • Fire Island Getaway

    Amtrak - 30th Street Station

    pics from previous times here: http://meetu.ps/e/zP2HB/jCKN/d and here: http://www.meetup.com/phillyhikes/events/224450588/ The description below is mostly copied from last time & as such is subject to editing, most especially transit schedules. We will continue to update, and transit times will not be guaranteed until the summer schedule changes in June. The group campsite has been reserved for 4 nights, Friday August 9th through Monday, August 13th. If you are commuting in with Scott on Friday, we ask that you have $275 cash per individual if you have not pre-paid. This amount covers round-trip transit costs, food, drink, and campsite fees. Fire Island is the central barrier island off of the southern coast of Long Island. As such, it offers a unique opportunity to get away to quality camping by public transit (you can't drive in, but you can park near one of the connecting ferries). Transit costs come to a nit over $60 each way, $120+ round trip. We currently have at least one large tent, and one small (2-3 person) tent. Everything will need to be walked in (rolling coolers and the like), and Scott will of course share his knowledge as we "commute" through New York City. Please let us know if you can join us! With the exception of those commuting from other locations, or those going down a day early with me (Jed), we recommend you get to 30th Street Station *before* 9:45am to handle logistics/meet Scott at the upper concourse by the SEPTA ticket counter (& NJT ticket machines), at the base of the escalator for tracks 5 & 6, right next to the walkway to Cira Center skyscraper. A simplified sample itinerary begins below (Scott has researched this extensively and can provide information enroute); If Scott or I have time we will update this to include basic connections from other locations. 10:06am depart PHL/30th on SEPTA Trenton Train ($10ow/c$20rt) 10:59am arrive Trenton, cross to adjacent track to forward-most available car 11:28am leave Trenton NJT/NYC train to Newark. NJ (c.$15ow/$30rt) 12:39pm arrive Newark/Penn station, cross platform to NY/NJ Port Authority Subway 12:45pm PATH subway to NYC/WTC; arrive 1:10pm ($2.75ow) 40-minute (leisurely) walk via Battery Park to Staten Island Ferry 2pm 1-hour rt/"loop" free ferry ride & tour 3pm walk East River path to Wall Street dock of East River Ferry 3:30pm depart Wall Street dock of NYC East River Ferry; arrive Long Island City 4pm ($4ow) quick walk to LIRR Long Island City/Hunterspoint Ave station (taxi as backup) 4:30pm LIRR Montauk train to Patchoque (buy rt $24peak/$19return=$43); arrive Patchoque 5:54pm quick meal/grocery/supply run, possible beer tasting (options to be discussed) 7pm depart on Fire Island National Park Watch Hill Ferry ($9one-way/$17rt, +$1-5 extra for coolers/luggage) Multiple ferry ride options are available for return on Sunday 9:45am to 6:30pm. Mid-morning Tuesday is the preferred return option. As noted above, Scott will be available for transit info, in addition to his usual fountain of historical knowledge.

  • Berwyn to Haverford 10-mile hike: FT '19 Mainline to Tidewater part 2

    Berwyn Regional Rail Station

    Subject to editing: hastily copied from last year... "An extra pair of shoes that can get wet is advised for a splash or perhaps even a swim if it's hot enough and we find a nice enough spot. We will be going on some shorter less trafficked side of the road, though overgrowth and edges of private property. Escorted return via 69 th St and Philadelphia for any returns to Berwyn for anyone who needs it. Return is by 104 bus after the Barnabys early dinner and refreshments break guided TO and via 30 th St Station. It is estimated we will have 4 significant breaks including Barnabys and the Haverford Rec And Environmential Center. This hike is long but a highlight of the whole Darby Creek series. Major points of interest enroute are the wild wooded sections of the Darby, 3 lakes, 6 parks or large conservation districts, many existing trail segments, 3 historic districts, many mansions and colonial era homes, Underground RR history, Lincoln Highway. Paoli/Thorndale Line train time is 940am Market East[masked]th arriving 1025am Berwyn for 1030 start. We would start at SEPTAs Berwyn Train Station Veterans Memorial Bridge plaza facing US 30 next to station. Multiple bathrooms, water and breaks but no food. Lunch must be carried in. Water and bathrooms enroute but not everywhere. 2 water bottles are advised. Long pants not required but could be used though shorts are preferred. Convertable pants ideal if high grass and woody areas bother. Ticks and other insects, poison ivy and stinging nettle present but can largely be avoided. " This event is also part of our Future Trails series, but *not* part of the Tinicum to Valley Forge series: instead, we will be exploring possible routings of a Darby Creek Watershed Trail ("Main Line to Tidewater"). For this hike, we may be dipping our toes in a pristine section of creek, and will be taking a long break at the Haverford Reserve Community Recreation and Environmental Center (possibly to be joined by some local senior citizens there). Our hike will end at Barnaby's Restaurant and Bar on West Chester Pike. Return to the city is available by the #104 bus to 69th Street Terminal. Total walking miles is 7; assume a leisurely walking pace, plenty of discussion, at least one long break, and as many short breaks as needed. Please note that we are allowing 6+ hours for this event, although that is only our best estimate at this time. There will be at least some opportunities for bathroom breaks along the way, and we will be updating this description as appropriate as the event gets closer.

  • West Chester Pike to Collenbrook Farm House (FT '19: Mainline to Tidewater III)

    This event will take approximately 2 hours, returning via the #101 Media trolley from the Drexeline stop, after visiting the Collenbrook Farm House http://udhistory.com/collen-brook-farm/ . The trolley returns to 69th Street Terminal, where you can catch a #104 bus back to our starting point. There is parking behind the (eastbound) bus shelter where we will be meeting, across West Chester Pike from where folks riding the westbound #104 bus from 69th street will get off (at Lawrence Road). This hike will include existing trails in Upper Darby's Pilgrim Gardens as well as Haverford's Merry Place & Glenwood Parks, a bit of suburban Drexel Hill streetscape, and a trip to colonial Collenbrook Farm & the Upper Darby Historical Society Library. Similar to other events in our "Future Trails" series, this will include existing trails as well as discussions about how to connect them. The pace is moderate, with short breaks as needed. pics from a previous hike here: http://meetu.ps/e/C10r9/jCKN/d

  • Drexeline to Swedish Cabin (Future Trails 2019 : Mainline to Tidewater IV)

    Drexeline station of 101 trolley

    This event will take approximately 3 and a half hours, ending at the Creek Road stop of the #102 Sharon Hill trolley, just a mile up Creek Road from the (Lower) Swedish Cabin in Upper Darby, PA. The trolley returns to 69th Street Terminal, where you can catch a #101 trolley back to our starting point. We will be walking along some of the most heavily wooded parts of Darby Creek; you may think you've gone to the mountains by hike's end. Our hike will include historical houses, an extensive millrace trace, the heavily wooded Indian Rock Park, a bit of "real" hiking (deer trails & steep terrain), and end at the 1650s-era (Lower) Swedish Cabin, where we will take a brief tour before catching the #102 trolley back to 69th Street. Similar to other events in our "Future Trails" series, this will include existing trails as well as discussions about how to connect them. The pace is moderate, with short breaks as needed. Last time we did this: http://meetu.ps/e/C10H8/jCKN/d