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PhillyPUG May 2013 Meetup - Two Hours of Lightning Talks!

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Tom P. and Dana B.


Hi All,

In May, we will be meeting at Monetate HQ. The meeting will consist of 2 hours of lightning talks. Each talk will be held to 5 minutes, strict. We will allow for 2 minutes of questions following each talk. This is your opportunity to get up in front of the group and talk about something Python-related. Maybe there is a language feature or standard library module that you think is really great, tell us about it. Or, you are working on an interesting application that is implemented all or in-part with Python, share the details. We also welcome less technical talks. For example, community building, outreach, STEM education,etc. So long as it is related to Python, we want to know more!

As of this writing we have three speakers lined up. That leaves lots of time for others to step up and give a talk. This meeting will really show how vibrant our local Python community truly is. Don't let me (or your fellow Philly Pythonistas) down.

If you would like to contribute and give a talk, please contact me via email at and let me know your topic. I will put together a schedule prior to the meetup.

Big thanks to our sponsor Monetate for hosting us and providing food/drink.

See you all in May.



951 E. Hector Street · Conshohocken, PA