• Simpl Developer Bootcamp: How to Make Serious Games and Simulations with Django!

    **NOTE**: You MUST register at this link, NOT through Meetup: https://forms.gle/EHa1T6NftporwSVT9 Built by experts in game design and education, Simpl is free, open source, and is a “simple” yet sophisticated toolset designed to transform learning experiences with serious game play. We’re passionate about sharing Simpl with the world. To that end, the Alfred West Jr. Learning Lab and Wharton Interactive is pleased to announce our first-ever Simpl Developer Bootcamp! It will take place online (we will stream every session) and on the campus of The Wharton School in Philadelphia, PA on Friday, October 25, 2019. This 1-day bootcamp is aimed at developers to show what Simpl can do, and get you on the path of building your own Simpl simulations. During this bootcamp you’ll hear from the core authors of the platform as we start with the design principles that govern the data model to writing your first lines of code to bring that idea to life. Below is a tentative agenda for our 1-day bootcamp: * The Simpl Data Model * Build a Simple Game with Simpl * Hands-On Coding: Single and Multiplayer Games * Resources and Take-Aways When we first built Simpl we had two distinct audiences in mind. One was the developers who will use the platform to bring Simpl games to life. The other were the practitioners who are professors, instructional designers, or more broadly, anyone involved in teaching that believes that a game or simulation can improve the learning experience for their students. Though this bootcamp is aimed at developers, both sets of users are critical to the success of your game or simulation in the classroom. It is our hope that the developers attending this bootcamp will go back to their respective organizations and find passionate practitioners to partner with to bring a Simpl game into the classroom! PhillyPUG is helping promote this event for our primary hosting sponsor, The Wharton School. If you are interested in attending either online or in-person please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/EHa1T6NftporwSVT9

  • "How I Solved my NYC Parking Problem with Python" with Jessica Garson of Twitter

    We are lucky this month to have a speaker from New York City, Jessica Garson. Jessica is a Developer Advocate at Twitter, and will be showing us how she used Python to solve her NYC parking problem: "Since I have a car in New York City, my car is subject to the city’s alternate side of the street parking regulations. This means most nights I need to move my car before the early morning street cleaning that happens in my neighborhood. I had developed a nightly routine around moving my car before I go to bed. I am sometimes a bit too good at this and I often move my car on days I don’t need to. Since alternate side of the street parking is often canceled on days where there are holidays, or bad weather, there is a Twitter handle @NYCASP, which posts daily and whenever there is an emergency situation. I used Python, Twilio and the Twitter API to solve this problem for myself so I get a text message whenever I don’t need to move my car." Jessica Garson is a Python programmer, educator, and artist. She currently works at Twitter as a Developer Advocate. Previously, she was an adjunct professor teaching Python at NYU and worked at ISL, Burson-Marstellar, The National Education Association, ISSI Data, and Salsa Labs. Before working in technology, Jessica worked on numerous political campaigns throughout the country. She has run many meetups and conferences including DC’s Tech Lady Hackathon in 2016 and 2017, and DC’s Hack&&Tell. In her spare time, she is on a never-ending quest for the perfect vegan snack. You can follow Jessica on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and SnapChat... just kidding! Follow her on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/jessicagarson