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Meet My Real Estate Investor Mentors (M-Series)
I would like to personally invite you to meet my real estate mentors. They've done over 300 deals in the Phoenix area in the last 3 years. They're available when I need them and I can talk to them in person on a regular basis. I'm in their office at least once a week, sometimes 3 or 4 times a week. A mentor is critical to the success of novice investors like myself. An excellent example of when my mentor helped me was when I was ready to make an offer on a property that had owner additions to the square footage. Something my mentor noticed that I never would have is that the addition had a flat roof connecting the pitched roof of the garage, which may not have been up to code. He knew to factor in the cost of changing the roof when making the offer, and that's something that a CD or webinar could never teach me, especially at the moment I needed it. You may have heard that you make money in real estate when you BUY the property, not when you sell it. This emphasizes the importance that you should either buy it at the right price or don't buy it at all. In this case I could have offered too much for the property and easily lost time and money on the deal. A mentor helps you avoid costly mistakes like these. Come meet my mentors and see why I'm part of the best real estate investor training program in Phoenix. Please arrive 15 minutes early. Mention that you heard about this event through "Rex's meetup". This meeting is part of the M-Series workshops for beginning and intermediate investors. If you've been to an M-Series workshop before then contact the organizer before attending. If you're a seasoned investor you're welcome to attend, please also contact the organizer.

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Let's meetup and make money with some awesome real estate investing! This group is generally for new and intermediate investors, but seasoned investors are welcome to attend and contribute their wealth . . . of knowledge. If you've never invested in real estate before but you're interested (including how to deals with no money and no credit), come along and we'll help you get started. Some organized meetups will be for networking, others will be for education and resources to help us with our investing businesses and make better returns.

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