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JOIN US FOR A DAY OF CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHIC ALCHEMY IN AN OFF THE BEATEN TRACK LOCATION - A PRIVATE VISIT TO A MUSEUM BEING OPENED UP ESPECIALLY FOR US: IN THIS QUIRKY VICTORIAN MUSEUM FILLED WITH INCREDIBLE ARTIFACTS YOU WILL LEARN MORE IN PRACTICE WITH TIPS ABOUT MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY , ABOUT MANIPULATING LIGHT IN LOW LIGHT & MOVING AROUND YOUR SUBJECT TO AVOID SPOTS, CREATING BOKEH COMPOSITIONS, METERING EFFECTS , ALTERING WHITE BALANCE, USING BRACKETING & HDR - PHOTOGRAPH EGYPTIAN RELICS RANGING 6000 YEARS OLD - " A VICTORIAN FILM SET " ALL WITH THE BACKDROP ANECDOTES OF VICTORIAN EGYPTIAN ARCHAEOLOGISTS, WE CONTINUE AFTER A BREAK TO THE EGYPTIAN HALLS OF THE BRITISH MUSEUM WITH LARGER EXHIBITS & FILTERED LIGHTING THROUGH THE WINDOWS - A DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY. Photograph the world’s oldest woven garment, a dress, probably 5,100 to 5,500 years old, it dates to the dawn of the kingdom of Egypt. You will be immersed in an absorbing environment - 80,000 artifacts- making this one of the greatest collections of Egyptian and Sudanese archaeology in the world. There's a mix of the everyday & mystical Egyptian artifacts collected by a charismatic egotist genius -( whose film character Jones was apparently based on) during the course of some 50 archaeological digs at the turn of the 20th century. The museum will be closed to the public during our session arranged specially for our group members. Our visit will be followed by a break for lunch & for those who wish to - a visit just down the road to the larger Egyptian exhibits in the British Museum for photography that presents a very different challenge- light rays pouring through the windows & larger objects along with more people around - A SUPER OPPORTUNITY TO PRACTICE PANNING & MOTION CAPTURE PHOTOGRAPHY. Camera Equipment: No tripods - no flash are permitted -if you do have larger aperture lens - thats great as they do well in low light - but we will work with what you have - the idea is to understand exposure.. I It will be useful for you to have equipment that helps minimze reflections of glass - good quality polarising lens filters - or a LENS SKIRT - Polarising lenses are helpful - i use a Pro1 is about £25 available on line.. or there are many others. As our private session time is fixed, we will be starting promptly from our meetup point . There will be helpful feedback & assistance on your images during the session & also on photos uploaded afterwards. Looking forwards to seeing you on the day ! Best wishes, Jude contact number for this event 07770476999

Outside Euston Square Tube Station, South Exit onto Gower Street

Gower Street Exit, Gower Street NW1 · London


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Hi photographers,

Welcome to Walk On The Wild Side - An " off the beaten track" Photography Tour & Workshop Group .

Please feel welcome to join our guided photography walks & workshops - whatever your level of experience - whether you have a dslr, or a mirrorless camera or a smart phone - or you are at beginner to advanced levels . The approach here is to immerse you in some fascinating off the beaten track locations - with great photographic opportunities.

Please take a regular look at our calendar of events through the year - it's regularly updated with interesting locations off the beaten track.

Your guided tours will combine information & annecdotes about the area & its development & remarkable characters - along with a photographic context & perspective, with jargon free & friendly tuition.

Go back in time to meet The Great , The Good & The Scoundrels ! Royalty, lawmakers, architects, villains, street artists - murderers - Knight Crusader, Zoological & Egyptian Museums, Victorian Toy Shops to Rembrandts paintings - ( we also take the opportunity to capture portraits of the locals ! ) -Enjoy private access to some quirky Museums, Monasteries & close up access masterclasses in an amazing wildlife conservation parks..

You will have time to compose & create images, & post the event - have helpful & constructive feedback to develop your photography further.

Feedback “ Jude is brilliant! Great source of knowledge and gives you space to learn from your mistakes. Nice to be in small groups as well as you get to meet the other classmates and pick-up tips from them too! ” Vanessa

You'll enjoy the friendly international atmosphere, the sharing & most importantly learn how to be more adventurous & creative with your camera . Whether you are a complete beginner, a novice, an intermediate or a pro - our immersive & guided photographic tours & workshops will inspire . You will unconsciously develop your skills- practice manipulating of light & colour, different techniques & pro tips..

Your understanding of what makes a composition work & how to process for impact will let your creative juices flow . Come along for an an abundance of opportunities to take extraordinary photographs & visit some very special places with some lovely people.

We are a really friendly venue for meeting fellow photographers from novice to pro, for making new friends & really improving skills & knowledge. The focus is on having a great time - whilst learning more & improving our photography, learning about this amazing City !

We host a variety of photographers tours & tuition events with a different theme and/or location each time, both at day & night.


Whats the difference between normal guided walks & our photographers guided walk ? TIME & TUITION - PERSPECTIVE & PACE - TOTALLY DIFFERENT ! Our walks & workshops are specifically designed for photographers, the observations, the content is a mix of photographic without you missing out on the historical or cultural context - with a relaxed pace & the length of walk is about an hour longer than regular walks - so allow around 3 hours .

The photography meetup usually starts at a designated location and almost always finishes up at the local pub over a drink or a restaurant for a discussion about the days event and photography. Post the event load your images up for feedback that is helpful & constructive.

.With a forever developing choice of fascinating photo walks from Karl Marx to Jack The Ripper to Big Cats ... it's here.

Please join in the fun.

Best wishes,


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