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There is a war going on between the Marketing and Salespeople. But we, as entrepreneurs, can't afford this kind of divide in our business. On the contrary, once you have seen marketing and sales work together smoothly, you will never want to go back. Most importantly, the customers don't care! They expect a perfectly smooth buying experience. From the first ads to the sales call. And if they don't get it, they can simply choose another product or a competitor that cares about proper marketing and sales alignment. Marketing today is able to develop a customer experience that is personalized to their needs and improves over time. Those learnings need to be transferred to sales to tailor the conversation. This starts by knowing as a salesperson what pages and downloads a potential customer is interested in and ends with the chat history of the bot, plus a ton of potentials in between. We'll have two experts who will show how marketing and sales can work together and showcase it with the popular tool Hubspot. They will focus on the topics of: - Personalization - Automation - Self-Service On September 5th, 2018 at 7 pm we are talking to Sebastian Schäfer, who is the CEO & Owner of made2GROW GmbH and Daniele delle Donne, who is the Channel Account Executive at HubSpot. I'm looking forward to learning a lot from these guys. Hopefully, you will walk out of that meetup and think that the war between marketing and sales is soon coming to an end. Get FREE rickets here: P.S.: We have started the 1st Growth Sprint .. ever .. at least here in Cologne. The idea is simple: - WORK one day per month on your growth challenges - Have competent MENTORS around to help with problems - No distracting talks .. just sweet HUSTLE Find out more here: See you there. Cheers, Ben


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