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Storytelling: The Secret Engine of Growth
Once upon a time .. I noticed that no matter how awesome my analytics and campaign setup was .. if the content sucked I could wait for conversions as long as I wanted .. nothing happened. For example, I used to think that with Facebook it's 80% about the targeting and 20% about the actual content of the posts that I promoted. Boy, was I wrong! Get a free ticket to join the journey: Well, it's still true if you have an awful targeting setup, but that's not the case for most of us (at least not for the people who regularly attend the Pirate Skills events ;)). After you have the essentials down, it becomes more and more about the WHY, HOW and WHAT you are saying to your (potential) customers. That's why storytelling has proven to be one of our best engines of growth. And that's why this time we have partnered up with an amazing storyteller, Suryanshu Rai ( founder of the visual effects and motion graphics company Black and Code ( He'll share with us his own framework, which he calls the "Emotion Engine" and teaches us the basics of visual storytelling. We will also introduce our favorite storytelling framework from Donald Miller book "Building a Story Brand". It helps us every day to clarify our message so that people will actually listen (and convert). We will share his 7 elements of great storytelling to grow your business. After this meetup, you will never wonder again "What should I be posting today on Facebook, Twitter, Emails, ..???". You'll be full of impactful stories to tell and share, which will touch your audience and make them act. Don't forget to get a FREE ticket: P.S.: We have started the Growth Sprint here in Cologne. The idea is simple: - WORK one day per month on your growth challenges - Have competent MENTORS around to help with problems - No distracting talks .. just sweet HUSTLE Find out more here: See you there. Cheers, Ben ______________________________________________ Ben Sufiani Captain Pirate Skills m: [masked] a: Im Mediapark 5, 50670 Cologne Germany w: e: [masked]


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