• Pit-Smart, Basic Obedience 6-wk Course, SEPTEMBER start date

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    ** ONLY RSVP for dogs attending (so 1 RSVP per dog).** No more than 1 dog per person. Course is limited to 10 students. (Note: Total attendee list includes instructors and assistants, so total RSVP count may be greater than 10). Meets every Sunday starting at 9:00 a.m... (no dogs week 1, which runs longer).

    Chako's six week Pit Bull obedience and owner education course combines basic obedience and manners training with Pit Bull education and responsible dog ownership information. Learn training techniques, work on basic obedience and manners (sit, down, come and loose leash walking). Learn about the type of collars, leashes, and equipment that are good to use for medium to large dogs like Pit Bulls, and ask questions about containment, behavior issues, etc.

    You need ONLY RSVP for week 1 (and pay the full amount) to sign up for the entire six week course. (The cost is $98 for ALL six weeks). $98 per Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix (not per person - you may bring a partner or child 12 or older with you). $120 for NON PIT BULLS. Be ware that week 1 has a lot of info pertinent to owners of Pit Bulls and other breeds often discriminated against -- but there is also information pertinent to all dog owners).

    NO DOGS on week 1 - humans only (you might want to bring a folding chair)! Bring dogs weeks 2-6. Expect the class on WEEK 1 to run about an hour and a half to two hours, Weeks 2-6 last about one hour.

    Dogs must be 4 months of age by week 2 to participate and have proof of rabies. Bring proof of rabies with you on Week 1 (if your dog is older than 4 months) and on week 2 (if your dog is turning 4 months just before week 2).

    Classes begin at 9:00 a.m. and last one hour (week 1, no dogs). Dogs adopted directly from Chako Pit Bull Rescue get this course for half the price. Dogs adopted through City of Sacramento voucher program, follow instructions on sheet provided, and you MUST indicate the voucher on your payment/RSVP along with the animal ID of the dog you adopted.

    Instructor: Shannon (instructors are subject to change due to illness or unforeseen circumstances).

    No refunds. If you have to cancel at least one week prior to the start of the class, you are eligible for a refund only if your RSVP slot is taken by another student. In that case, please email the host. No refunds if you have to cancel your RSVP later than one week prior to the start date, and unfortunately we cannot credit your fee toward another class as every RSVP takes up a spot that could go to a student (and these classes do tend to fill up).

    Waiver: By participating in this class, you release Chako Pit Bull Rescue and its officers, agents, volunteers, and representatives from liability for any injury that you or your dog may sustain, including but not limited to injuries cased by the negligence of any officer, agent, volunteer, or representative of Chako Pit Bull Rescue. Please keep a safe distance between dogs at all times during class and use equipment that is secure and properly backed up (Week 1 will discuss equipment options).