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This is a group for technology professionals to learn and share best practices in platform engineering.

We're all about empowering developers, engineers, architects and other technologists with practices and tools to build platforms that make a difference.

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Join us to learn about emerging trends, best practices, how to build toolchains and platforms, and to be part of a community where we learn from each other.

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Developing with Data

JustCo at Marina Square

Platform Engineering is about setting up the toolset for developers to be more productive, more early, more safely (i.e. move fast but DON'T break things). Data is a company's key asset, but developers often find getting it and using it is a challenge. In our May meetup, we look at ways to overcome this.

Join us in-person or online to learn patterns and best practices for developing with data.
Register here (online or in-person):

Session #1: Choosing the right data pipeline design pattern

Data pipelines extract, filter, transform or re-formatted data to meet the needs of the downstream users. Designing the right data pipeline depends on the needs of downstream applications for accuracy, timeliness and reliability. This session explains design patterns for integrating data into a data warehouse, ingesting data into a data lake, and flowing real-time data to a machine learning application.

Speaker: Jon Scheele, Founder & CEO, blue connector

Session #2: Beyond Relational: Extending SQL to noSQL databases

Despite being 50 years young, Structured Query Language (SQL) is still the language of data. Developers, engineers and data analysts value its simplicity and power. But new use cases enabled by the modern data stack bring a new set of tools. In this session, Kevin Johnson shows how Couchbase's SQL++ extends SQL to noSQL databases so that developers can leverage the best of both SQL and the flexibility and scalability of noSQL.

Speaker: Kevin Johnson, Solutions Engineer, Couchbase

Also online at Zoom. Register here:

6:30pm Attendees arrive, networking over pizza, snacks and drinks
7:00pm Introduction (webinar starts for online attendees)
7:05pm Presentations and Q&A
8:30pm Wrap-up and further networking

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