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What we’re about

We organize regular friendly floorball games and invite everyone of all levels to join us. If you are looking to learn a new sport, make new friends, or simply keep fit, here's the place for you! <br> <br>We are a beginners friendly group and will always remain inclusive! We will prioritize giving beginners the chance to play even if it means the game will be slowed down. <br> <br>(If you are someone who have played in leagues, represented school, competitive to the core or plays with body contact, this group is May NOT be suitable for you! However, if you are listed players who teach and use your skill to get beginners into the game, then we DEFINITELY welcome you!) <br>Promise we don't bite! xD

If you are keen to get updated on our games, do drop Ian Tony a message of your phone number and he will add you into the group. <br> <br>Floorball is a type of floor hockey with five field players and a goalkeeper on each team. Men and women play indoors with 96-115.5 cm long sticks and a plastic ball with each team trying to score against the other team. <br>

*We have long waiting lists for almost every game. Please RSVP nonetheless if you are interested in attending a game. Based on our experience, there will be people who withdraw. As a result, those on the waiting list have a good chance of attending our games as well. Just be sure to check your inbox regularly for our payment instructions to confirm your spot. Hope to see you there! *

Finally, by joining our session, you agree that the organisers, co-organisers and hosts of the event are not liable for any injuries or breaking of sticks suffered during the game. By participating in our games, you also release the right to seek any compensations from the organisers, co-orgainsers and hosts of the event for injuries and sticks breaking. Our group is not covered by any group insurances and you agree to solely be responsible for the risk involved when participating in our session. We will also be taking videos and pictures during some of our sessions. By joining our session, you agree to permit us to take videos and pictures during the session and to release the rights of the pictures and video to the organisers. <br> <br> <br>