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What we’re about

Our Vision: To bring more LOVE, kindness, and compassion to the world first by emulating it in our own lives and then creating a positive movement inviting people to choose kindness, choose, compassion, and choose to be more LOVING in their thoughts, words, and actions. 

One small step forward can make a big impact.

Our Core Values are infused in everything we think, speak, and do as an organization and as a community. First and foremost, we EMBODY our values.

Be positive: We believe by focusing on the silver lining of life, celebrations are heightened, and sorrows are lessened.

Be kind and spread kindness: We believe by focusing on kind thoughts, words, and actions brings happiness to the kindness giver as much as the receiver.  Sharing a smile, a kind word, or a hug can and often is the positive shift in someone’s life.

​Be LOVING and compassionate: We believe that when you move through life with LOVE and compassion as your guide, celebrations are further enhanced, and sorrows are lessened.

​Be of service: We believe by focusing on serving others from a space of “all is well”, we can heighten celebrations and lessen sorrows. We serve from a place of love, kindness, and compassion.

​Cultivate positive relationships and communities: We believe by focusing on the good in yourself and others, goodness expands, and positive relationships and communities are born.

​Inspire and be inspired: We believe by focusing on and embodying positivity, our thoughts, words and actions inspire. As we focus on others positive thoughts, words, and actions, we too are inspired.

​Focus on happiness and fun: We believe by focusing on our passion and purpose of shining light on the beauty in others and the world, life naturally becomes graceful, gentle, kind and FUN.

​Be passionate and purposeful: We believe by focusing on living a passionate and purposeful life, life is filled with deeper love, laughter, happiness, and prosperity.

​Embrace change and growth: We believe by focusing on and embracing the fact life is ever evolving, challenges are lessened, victories are heightened, and positive growth occurs.

​To remind you that YOU matter: We believe by focusing on nurturing your internal self-worth, that every aspect of your life shines forth which in turn has a positive effect on others and the world.

Our events are to offer kindness in thought, words, and action. A constant on our calendar is free hugs.  

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