What we're about

Potentialisation - realising our individual and collective potential.

The focus is on learning to understand ourselves and others - improving ourselves and the society we live in.

The aim is to enable everyone’s potential by increasing self awareness and understanding of how we function, especially our brains and minds, to support a more collaborative and socially aware society.

Connecting different disciplines such as Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, Business, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Value Systems, Positive Psychology, Accelerated learning, Education etc.

This group is for everyone who is interested in realising their potential, who wants to learn and improve, themselves and the world they live in, as well as people who are interested in humanity and sharing knowledge. Please feel free to invite like minded colleagues/friends to join our meet up group.

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The three rules for a successful job interview

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Directing High Performance with Phil Leigh

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The Poison in Resilience with Robin Hills

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Personality traits and their implications

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