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PowerZone Volleyball Meetup will provide a variety of opportunities to get out, meet people and have fun playing volleyball.  Such as playgroups, clinic & plays, mini tournaments and other fun meetups.

This is adult, 18 and over, open play. Open play is informal play. Volleyball rules are followed. Each session will be assigned a level of play (see below for description).

Facility: Indoor courts at PowerZone Volleyball Center, Taraflex surface, nets and lines will be set up. Sign-in at facility: when you arrive please check in at the kiosk. Select volleyball meetup and check in.

Cost for each meetup is $15 + Meetup "service fee".  There is no membership fee for this meetup.

Format: Our format favors equal play time and competitive games. Each session is generally 2 hours. Court is limited to 14 people max. Please self organize into 2 teams, 7 players per team. Rotate in a big loop.

Schedule: click on the Events page

  • Registration: Sign-up is required for each event. DO NOT JUST SHOW UP.

Event Sign-up: Select the event you wish to attend. Sign-up requires payment. Waitlist: If an event is full and you would like to attend if someone drops, add a comment to the event. If you are registered and need to drop, do so asap. Move yourself to "not going" and add a comment to the event so people who are on the wait-list can jump in and take your spot. Cancellation Policy: see event description. Credit can be applied to a future event.
Sign-up instructions: 1) Login to 2) click on my groups and select the meetup you wish to attend 3) click attend 4) meetup will take you to a payment page - this service is run by PayPal. If you do not wish to use PayPal there is a button below the PayPal login to pay with credit card. **note if you are logged in to PayPal already you might not get the option to pay with credit card**
Contact Meetup at if you encounter any problems with the app or the web page.

PowerZone Volleyball Meetups are organized by levels of play. Use the guide to self evaluate your level of play. You can sign up for events of your level or below.

The organizers reserve the right to inform you if you have not rated yourself appropriately. We have the safety and enjoyment of everyone in mind. If you need clarification or have any questions, please message an organizer. Any feedback is appreciated.

REC/B or ADVANCED BEGINNER player is able to perform all the fundamental skills (pass, set, hit, serve) but has difficulty with accuracy and consistency. They are also working on learning strategy and team play.

INTERMEDIATE player is able to perform all fundamental skills consistently and has the ability to direct the ball to an intended area. If you don't have a reasonable idea where the ball should go then you're not an intermediate level player.

In the interest of safety, intentional play of the ball with your lower extremity will result in a loss of the rally.


I am having trouble signing up on Meetup what can I do? Meetup has had its glitches. It isn't just our group. If the app isn't working, try the computer and the latest version of chrome as your browser. Meetup glitches usually clear up on its own. If not, contact Meetup at

Do I have to use PayPal? You can pay with a credit card.

How do I change my profile answers? Click on your member picture or the menu arrow in the upper right. From the menu select profile. Once in your profile you can select edit.

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