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What we’re about

Are you a working professional who wants to become more self-confident?

Being self-assured will make it easier to:
❇️ ask for a promotion
❇️ contradict your boss
❇️ talk in front of a group
❇️ confront someone regarding a controversial subject
❇️ say no
❇️ organize an event
❇️ lead a team
❇️ work on huge risk projects

Thankfully, self-confidence is a SKILL that you can develop.

But you don't develop that skill by reading about it or watching Tony Robbins. You've got to DO self-confidence. By diving into those situations that scare you, adopting the proper mindset, and having your own back.

Here's how we'll do it:

❇️ I'll briefly teach a concept about self-confidence
❇️ We'll each share our scary situations that require self-confidence***
❇️ I'll coach you to train your mindset for optimal success
❇️ We'll cheer each other on, hold each other accountable, and celebrate our successes

***If you don't have any scary situations, don't worry, we'll come one up for you or do a group dare.