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What we're about

PRODDUCT stands for:

Product Design/Development, UX, Content, Talking (Startups)

This club is about dedicated Product Designers meeting together once a month, in startup offices, or better places, to discuss intelligent ways of producing results.

What We Care About Learning:

• Product-Market fit expertise

• UX Design principles, techniques, and tricks

• Startup culture thinking

• User-testing / research skills for the modern startup

• Product Development skills

• Joining a circle of talented Product Designers

Types of People in This Club:

• Opinionated but open-minded

• Passionate but not ignorant

• Serious but not a Debbie-downer

• Skilled but not arrogant

• Lovers of: typography, building something useful, getting a lot of people using your products, strategic thinkers, sketching, and all around hustler.

Expectations of Each Member:

• Meet once a month in the Bay Area

• Hold smart discussions

• Talk about your current work and it's progression

• Back up your opinions

• Discuss relevant designs, products, strategies

• Be a good designer/thinker

What Happens During Meetups:

• Discuss your current work

• Food, drinks, else

• Your ideas about product/strategy

• Detailed discussions, results of product decisions

• Thinking about the future

• General design/tech bantering

• Short presentations from startup product people

• Results

The Origins of PRODDUCT:

I'm a young product designer of 3 years, currently running a funded startup at 500 Startups in SF. I'm simply into UX and learning about people in order to make amazing products. I got other product people together once I realized there wasn't a quality club of us out there somewhere to meet with each other. This is for us, the sincere product designers.

Goals for each member:

• Become a better product designer

• Open your mind to new strategies

• Meet people better than you at product

• Enjoying yourself and your time

The future of PRODDUCT:

• 6 meetups

• Presentations from smart product people

• Food, drinks, else

• Getting better at product

• Growing

Thanks for reading/scanning this, if you think you can talk design for two hours, hang with smart product people, and teach others new skills, then welcome!

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