• Product Prioritizing in practise

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    Product Prioritization is hard
    There's no “secret recipe,” no scientific formula, no “one size fits all” approach to building a winning product roadmap.

    Do you focus on really big, high-impact features or do you prioritise getting a whole bunch of little ones out the door? Do you focus on features aimed at attracting new customers or satisfying the ones you already have? Do you invest in the platform or rack up more technical debt that must eventually be addressed?
    Do you focus on output (features) or outcomes (themes?)

    1. Where are you going?
    2. Where are you coming from?
    3. How are you getting there?
    4. Why are you going there? (And with who?)

    ... and how do you rally your organisation around it?


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    • Prioritisation and rallying your organisation by Kasper Kure
    • How to use your roadmap to align prioritisation by Clara Mai Kunstmann
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    Keywords: Prioritization, stakeholders, roadmap, features, outcome, output, themes, now/next/later

  • Product team collaboration

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    Are the boundaries between roles and responsibilities in your team limiting your ability to truly collaborate and come up with the best solutions?

    Is your ego hindering your team's progress?
    Join us at our event on product team collaboration and learn how to actively create an environment where conflicting opinions and ideas can thrive, leading to better outcomes and satisfied customers.

    Discover the benefits of crossing functional boundaries and fostering a culture of co-creation and constructive critique. Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your team's dynamics and take your product to the next level.


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    • I Own this! – get over your ego by Thomas Gläser from "onlyfy by XING"
    • Keep everyone involved and let others lead by Stephen M. Walker from Launchpad
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    Keywords: Team collaboration, egos, team dynamics, designers, product managers, tech leads, leadership, servant leadership

  • Untrapping product teams: Product team anti-patterns

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    Do you feel trapped?
    Are your product team's efforts constantly thwarted by frustrating anti-patterns?

    Discover the secrets to untrap your team and start delivering value sooner with insights from a decade of observing struggling product teams. Learn how to transform your team into a value maximizer, instead of just a feature factory.

    Product teams are under constant pressure to deliver value quickly. However, many teams find themselves struggling with anti-patterns that block them from achieving their goals. These anti-patterns can take many forms, from constant feature creep to an over-reliance on metrics, but they all have one thing in common: they prevent teams from delivering value sooner.

    We will explore the common anti-patterns that product teams face and provide practical solutions for overcoming them. From understanding the importance of a clear product vision to implementing agile methodologies and fostering a culture of experimentation, you'll learn how to untrap your team and drive real results.


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    • Escape product anti-patterns to create more value by David Pereira, CPO @ omogo
    • Interesting talk by Unnanounced speaker
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    Keywords: Product teams, anti-patterns, untrapped, business value