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Welcome to the Leading the Product community of Product People.

As a community we are very excited to be at the beginning of a Product Led transformation in the way that the world delivers products to their markets. At it’s core this Product Led transformation will be ignited by amazing Product People just like you.

This LTP PRODUCT TALKS Meetup is one of many around the world bringing together people who have an interest in building, designing, marketing and managing the product of today and of the future.

We run regular events with leading product thinkers who have great experiences to share that can help you to develop your career in product or help you with a particular challenge that you need to overcome.

The LTP PRODUCT TALKS are a fantastic way to meet other Product People in your local area as well as connecting with other Product People from around the world. You never know where your next job offer will come from.

*** Who Should Join LTP PRODUCT TALKS? ***

Product Management is not a single role. It covers everything from marketing, strategy, finance, development, sales and customer experience. If you are involved in delivering and managing products in any industry then please come with strong opinions and a desire to voice them!

*** About our Sponsor ***

We are delighted to announce that Product Talks Singapore is sponsored by IMDA.

The IMDA develops and regulates the converging infocomm and media sectors in a holistic way, creating a dynamic and exciting sector filled with opportunities for growth, through an emphasis on talent, research, innovation and enterprise. As a statutory board in the Singapore government, it seeks to deepen regulatory capabilities for a converged infocomm media.

*** The Global LTP PRODUCT TALKS Network ***

If are not located in the local area then please check out the other LTP PRODUCT TALKS meetups around the world.


*** LEADING THE PRODUCT Conferences ***

Leading the Product brings the community together at a number of conferences each year at a growing number of locations bringing an outstanding entertainment, education and inspiration to all attendees. Visit LeadingTheProduct.com (http://leadingtheproduct.com/) to get a ticket for the next event in your region.

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Network event

Online event

It is coming close to our favourite time of the year….. Leading the Product’s APAC conference!!!

SAVE THE DATE!! Leading the Product is hosting LTP DIGITAL 2022 | APAC on 18 May 2022!

LTP DIGITAL 2022 | APAC is an immersive, cutting-edge ‘edutainment’ experience, specifically designed to keep you engaged in a multi-screen digital world. Be entertained while you learn. Actively participate, make decisions that change the outcome of the day, and socialise with others. This is a conference “reimagined”.

Be challenged by a single-series of exclusive talks from world-class speakers, compete with others in an engaging product adventure, which will test your
product chops and embed your learning, and network and socialize in ways only
this unique digital experience allows.
Bring your entire team. Expose them to the latest, cutting-edge product thinking from diverse product practitioners from around the globe. Watch them bring a new perspective and toolkit back to drive greater outcomes for your organisation.


18 May 2022 from 8:30am - 5:30pm AEST.


    1. GAZE
    1. CHART
    1. VOYAGE
    1. MONITOR
    1. ARRIVE

PRODUCT NAVIGATION: How to Chart a Course to an Uncertain Future offers practical tools your team can use to imagine your customer of tomorrow and to chart a course that can significantly increase your likelihood of success in an uncertain future.
Learn more at: https://www.leadingtheproduct.com/conference/apac/ltp2022/theme/

LTP DIGITAL 2022 | APAC is a unique live event. There are scheduled breaks for Morning and Afternoon Tea, Lunch, and some strategically placed bio breaks. But, there is a beginning, a middle, and, an end to the day… and, together, you and your work team will make decisions that will change the outcome at the end.
The audience participates in a Product Adventure Challenge that runs in parallel with the talks. The collective, real-time vote of the audience changes the outcome of the day. This is a team-bonding, shared experience you won’t forget.
Where will your course take you? Will you and your team arrive at your final destination?

Learn more at: https://www.leadingtheproduct.com/conference/apac/ltp2022/agenda/

We have 7 World Class Speakers who have written exclusive content
– a completely new talk – crafted to take you on your journey, through an uncertain future. Learn from a diverse group of industry thought-leaders. Together, they will deliver a complete learning experience unlike any other.

The Speaker Line-Up:
👉 OPENING KEYNOTE: Mark Pesce, Host of The Next Billion Seconds
👉 GAZE: Katy Cooper, Director City Futures at City of Hobart
👉 APPRAISE: Michael Sinclair, Director at Connected Care – Cochlear
👉 CHART: Catherine Arnold, Director – AI Product at Seek
👉 VOYAGE: Marie Truelove, Head of Product Management at CSIRO’s Data 61
👉 MONITOR: Scott Savage, VP, Product & Technology at ResApp Health
👉 ARRIVE: Alex Connolly, Co-Founder and CTO at Immutable

Learn more at: https://www.leadingtheproduct.com/conference/apac/ltp2022/speakers/

Public Release Conference Only Tickets:

  • 1 Ticket: $599 (offer ends April 30)
  • General Admission Ticket: $649 (after April 30)
  • 2-7 Tickets: Save $20 per ticket
  • 8+ Tickets: Save $50 per ticket

Season Pass Tickets:

  • 1 Ticket: $849 (offer ends April 30)
  • General Admission Ticket: $899 (after April 30)
  • 2-7 Tickets: Save $20 per ticket
  • 8+ Tickets: Save $50 per ticket

Buy your tickets here: https://www.leadingtheproduct.com/conference/apac/ltp2022/#buy-now

Volume discounts are automatically applied at checkout based on the number of team members you bring. Our platform lets you buy tickets now and assign them later. You are in complete control over how your tickets are assigned (or re-assigned) all the way up to the event.

Come and join us for more fun and to meet with product friends new and old!


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