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Survival Metrics - Pivoting in a Strategic, Data Informed, Politically Safe Way

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Why are we stuck, and why isn’t anyone saying anything?

Did you know that 60%-90% of all product decisions do not improve the metrics they were intended to improve?

No organization is immune from failure, so the best thing product managers and developers can do is be ready for when things go off the rails.

Because not being ready can have your organization dead in the water, fast. Bad ideas kill businesses. It happens all the time.

What’s worse, there are almost always people who can spot the disaster coming from a mile away, but don’t speak up (or aren’t listened to when they do) because they don’t have the data to back up what they’re saying and they’re afraid of stepping on toes or putting themselves in the crosshairs.

If you’re working on a product team you likely already know firsthand that sinking feeling when a product initiative isn’t going well.

The following is more than likely unsaid:

  • The strategy, while stored somewhere, hasn't been accessed in months and hasn’t helped with any decision making on a day to day basis.
  • The data is a mess or non-existent, the metrics that the team has come up with don’t drive action.
  • Other teams are no help because they’ve got their own stuff to worry about — stuff you can’t even fathom you’ve been working away in your silo and so have they.

The key to getting things back on track is clarity. People and teams need to be empowered to make decisions, and that doesn’t happen without trust. Trust can grow if your teams are more strategic, data-informed, and politically safe.

It’s one thing to know these pillars. It’s a whole other thing to put them into practice. Do you know how to?

## Survival Metrics lets you navigate the inevitable disasters and right the ship

Survival Metrics is a framework that allows product managers and teams to improve their decision fitness, so they know when to stop an initiative altogether, when to pivot their strategy, and when to invest more resources into its success.

We explore how to operationalize the three pillars of organizational survival — being strategic, data-informed, and politically safe — giving them the tools they need to remain agile and effective in the face of change.

Survival Metrics is NOT for you if:

❌You’re OK with your product team being just a “feature factory.”

❌You’re fine with letting your PdM skills wither on the vine while you do half-hearted project management instead of the actual job you were hired to do.

❌You’re happy working in silo, cut off from other teams and in the dark about their values and incentives.

Survival Metrics IS for you if:

✅ You want to build empowered product teams who know when to stop, pivot, or invest when initiatives show signs of blowing up.

✅ You dream of working in an organization where values are well-defined and tied to everything you do.

✅You thrive on clarity and prefer making data-informed decisions that don’t rely on “gut feelings” or wishful thinking.

## How Survival Metrics has transformed individuals, teams, and organizations

Over 500 product managers have taken the Survival Metrics Workshop and used the framework to transform their staff, teams, and organizations by learning how to kill projects that need to die, pivot like a graceful eagle in flight, and double down when they know they’ve got a winning hand.